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01/12/06 The start of it all January 12, 2006

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I’m not much of a writer, I am an accountant. But my sister, who is a very good writer, started a blog. It seems like a good way to say things to no one in particular yet feel like you’ve said them to someone. I think I’ve learned more about my sister from her blog than any e-mails she has sent me in the past few months. Will you learn anything from me? I don’t know. How well do you listen?



2 Responses to “01/12/06 The start of it all”

  1. Rhonda H Says:

    That’s cause I am a lazy sister who forgets to email ya 😛
    But don’t get me started about family members who don’t email… heh

  2. ThomastheBrave Says:

    I am listening. It is nice to hear more. I miss hearing all that is in your head. You used to talk more to me when we lived 600 miles apart. I am glade to hear your thoughts and know what is bothering you as well as what is giving you joy. ((I Love You))

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