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Entry for January 16, 2006 January 16, 2006

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Were we that obtuse as children? Probably. You think you spell the rules out so a 5 year old can remember them and your 12 and 15 year old kids completely forget them. You don’t want to have to have them call you for every decision they make. You would think that the directive NO TV, NO GAMES, and NO INTERNET until chores are done is fairly direct and specific. Apparently not.

I have a cold. I got it on Saturday and I don’t know from whom. It’s not a bad one, just annoying enough to not want to go to work, yet not sick enough to stay home.

How does one not eat the pretzels in the next office? We buy them in 6lb bags as snacks. They’re really good, but it’s not like I need any more food.

I either need to learn to get along with less sleep or someone needs to figure out how to make the day longer. I work, I go to school (on-line), I have a 6 month old baby and two teenage stepsons, and I have a husband. How much more can I cram into one day? There are things I just want to get done (a few I want my husband to do) …

Put up the second light fixture in the entry hall, put Christmas away, clean a place for the sewing machine, sew the bumper pad covers for the baby’s crib, clean off and get rid of the spare table in the dining room, do some art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 Responses to “Entry for January 16, 2006”

  1. Rhonda H Says:

    You might be surprised how much I learn from you Liz… I am so glad you are doing this blog-thing (and yes it is often like you can say something to no one in particular but since you have exerted the energy to write it out it can then be off your chest).
    And when you get a moment, let’s do some art again!
    -your sister (not sure how Yahoo will sign me as, Rhonda or the email but you know who I am!)

  2. ThomastheBrave Says:

    I will get the light up this weekend and you can read a book or do some art. Love you.

  3. Liz Says:

    I want to sew the baby’s bumper pads this weekend before he gets a concussion.

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