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01/26/06 TiVo & Lost January 26, 2006

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I wonder if the person who invented television regrets it. I wonder if he realised what he started. Why do I bring this up? We got TiVo. I have wanted TiVo since it was in development. A friend of a friend was a hardware designer for TiVo and I was this close to being a beta tester. No video tapes. No video tape problems. So we finally got TiVo. I have all of our shows programmed. I don’t have to change tapes, I don’t have to remember to turn anything off. I recorded our first program last night … Lost. I haven’t checked to make sure it worked. I hope so, because I fell asleep before it was over. Poor Charlie.

When you examine it, Lost is a stupid show. First of all what are the chances that people would survive a plane crash. Second of all, what are the chances a plane would crash on the beach of an island when the route from Australia to LA is mostly over water. Third of all, what about all of the whacko people who were already living on the island. But I watch it every week and love it. Maybe Lost isn’t stupid, maybe I am.


2 Responses to “01/26/06 TiVo & Lost”

  1. Rhonda H Says:

    hehe we have had DVR (similar concept for Dish satellite users) for maybe half-year or more now and I love it! Andy gets to set it for all his weird old movies and I get all my crafts shows. Hard part is finding time to go through and delete the junk we tape lol.

  2. Liz Says:

    Ours is a Toshiba DVR/DVD-RW … We wanted a box that would do more than one thing. So it records to a hard drive, plays most disk-type media, gets input from a digital camera, and makes dvds. It’s a multi-purpose box.

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