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02/27/06 Househunting February 27, 2006

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Until you find THE house, househunting is such a drag. Is it because you get used to your current house’s idiosyncracies or are other houses really that bad? Granted my house is far from perfect. It’s got an avocado green wall in the hall and living room. It’s dark. It’s got horrid 70’s wallpaper in the kitchen. I don’t like the colour we painted the master bedroom (the paint chip was good, but our lighting makes it look like apple green) But it’s got great living space. The living room is huge and we can all fit in it with all of our sprawl. The house itself isn’t all that big, especially for the four of us, but it just seems to be laid out well. We looked at a couple of houses that were about 200 square feet larger than ours, yet ours seemed bigger. I’ve decided that we need a house that is at least 2000 square feet, with a good sized master bedroom. We looked at one that is 2400 square feet and I really like it. It’s got two problems. The first is a foundation problem in the back and the second is the price … it’s out of our price range by about $50k.

But on a brighter front (literally as well as figuratively) Thomas & the boys put up my new light fixture in the dining room. Hooray! It looks so nice. Yet another 70’s item gone. I think there are 5 or 6 more light fixtures to go. We have the one for hallway but we need to buy one for our closet area, vanity (I saw a cool one at Costco), boy’s bathroom vanity area, family room dining area and family room corner. Then all of the lighting will be from the 21st century.

All of my crocuses are blooming now. Spring is about to be sprung!


02/23/06 Guns February 23, 2006

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Now you may be wondering why I would write about guns. Well we were supposed to get a visit from Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) this afternoon. He was doing a ‘meet and greet’ with the owners of the company, then he was getting a tour of the plan, and finally he had a whopping 20 minutes to answer any questions from the employees. It must be an election year for him. Anyway, I just got an e-mail from the HR Manager that he had to postpone his visit because he was heading to Roseburg (an hour south) to visit a high school where there was a shooting.…

This shooting brings up the topic of guns.

Where do kids get guns? Everyone I know here who owns a gun (or guns) keeps them securely locked up. We have guns (rifles I think) but they’re in 47 pieces in the back of the closet, the firing mechanisms are in a drawer somewhere, and the ammunition is in the garage so well hidden that we’d have to buy new to be able to fire the damn things. The best use of our guns is as baseball bats. Let’s face it, a lot of people in Oregon hunt, so people have guns. But all of the hunters I know (and there are quite a few here at work) are responsible about their weapons. What kind of idiot leaves a pistol (with the ammunition) in a place that a teenager can get at it to take to school?

I called Toshiba today to see if they got my DVR. They have and I should get it back on the 3rd. I hate using video tapes. I had a defective DVR, but I still got spoiled.


02/22/06 Hump Day February 22, 2006

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Hump Day. What a funny thing to call Wednesday.

I am still doing Miss Dummy’s work today. I wonder what she does all day.

I need chocolate.


02/21/06 Another rant about my job February 21, 2006

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I just spent a half a day cleaning up another mess by the same idiot as yesterday. It does no good to complain to my boss, because he’ll just find some reason to blame it on me. This woman gets to have no responsibility for her job, yet she reaps all of the benefits. She’s not even qualified to be her own assistant. I think her assistant is smarter than she is. But that is a good thing. Someone in that department has to have some brains. Accounting can’t do all of the thinking for her.

My in-laws got back from Cabo yesterday. My MIL is back to watching Christopher in the afternoons. It’s funny how he changed in the two weeks she was away. He’s eating twice as much at one time as he used to. He’s much more verbal. He was also very cuddly today. He snuggled against me when I was talking to his baby sitter, Ann. Then when I gave him to Ann, he snuggled against her when I said something. When Judy picked him up he snuggled against Ann again, then snuggled against her. He’s such a cutie pie! 🙂


02/20/06 Someone else’s job February 20, 2006

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I have a job and I do my job (and also write in my blog ). I really hate having to do someone else’s job. Especially when that person gets paid significantly more than I do. Not only that, but everyone makes excuses for this person. If they do (or don’t do) something wrong, it’s not their fault, it’s your fault for not checking up or wiping their a** for them. She’s ‘green’, she doesn’t have an assistant, blah, blah, blah … the excuses go on and on. FIND SOMEBODY COMPETENT!

I wonder if it made it above freezing (or is that melting?) today? It was 23 degrees when I drove to work this morning. It was also gloriously sunny. It’s cloudy now. Bummer.

Christopher is 7 months old today. He is such a big boy 🙂 He was 19lbs 4ozs on his 6 month birthday. I wonder how big he is now. All I know is he is definitely NOT big enough for size 4 diapers … sorry honey, they’re just too big.


02/18/06 Crab February 18, 2006

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I just love crab! We had dungeness (sp?) crab a couple of weeks ago in Depoe Bay and I had some other sort of crab tonight. Crab, warm butter … yummy! We took mom to the Asian Celebration, such that it was, and she took us out to dinner. She had a hankerin’ for shrimp so we went to McGraths Fish House. Christopher even managed to stay up and be in a relatively good mood. He also got to slobber on and gum to death a piece of sour dough crust. LOL!

Since I’ve actually been to Asia, the Asian Celebration here isn’t much to write home about. But for something that goes on in Oregon, it’s not too bad. It’s more fun than the logging conference that is happening next week. I’ll have to put in an appearance at that, because my company will have a couple of machines on display. And the boys (young and old) like to look at all of the big testosterone equipment.


02/17/06 Donuts February 17, 2006

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I gave up my Friday donut. They’re bad for me and I’m allergic to them too. It all started when the guys in the shop got donuts. They’d bring some for us in accounting. Then we were reimbursing too much out of petty cash for donuts, so we set up an account at one of the good donut shops. Then accounting started getting donuts every Friday. After a while I realized that the first bite tasted good, but that was it. So I told Cherry not to get me a donut anymore.