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02/15/06 Decorations February 15, 2006

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Taking down decorations is such a bummer. The daughter of one of my co-workers cuts out decorations for the accounting department. She’s our official decorator. I took down the Valentine’s Day decorations today. I still have snowflakes up though. Given what the weather forcast is going to be for the rest of the week, they’re appropriate. She can’t wait to put up the St. Patrick’s Day decorations. I told her dad that they can’t go up until March 1st. I don’t think I can stand looking at shamrocks for a month! LOL!

I sent the TiVo box in to be repaired (hopefully replaced). So we’re back to recording shows on video tape. What a drag. Thankfully the Olympics are on, so there is less to tape. But not much less. Most of the good shows aren’t on NBC anymore. Lost is on tonight … woohoo!


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  1. Karen M Says:

    Well, the decorations keep things interesting.

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