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02/16/06 Weather & Relay February 16, 2006

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I would rather it be cold and sunny than warmer and overcast. It was about 28 degrees this morning, but the sun was shining. In February what else can you ask for? Well, I could ask to be in Cabo … that’s where the in-laws are. Hopefully they’ll come back tan and relaxed.

Cash, cash equivalents, receivables and inventory … oooh, heady stuff from class. Been there, done that.

So I’m getting involved in the Relay for Life through work. Since Paula has cancer, I’m betting Judy will want to be involved too. We just need to raise $100 and spend an hour walking around the LCC track. I can do that … especially if Thomas & the boys walk too. I can push the stroller with Christopher in it.

If anyone wants to make a donation to the American Cancer Society the link to my page is …



2 Responses to “02/16/06 Weather & Relay”

  1. Karen M Says:

    Oh, Liz, our high was 84 today.

    The family walk for life sounds great

  2. Liz Says:

    Oh man, we’ll be lucky if the high passes the freezing (or is that melting?) mark. There’s some sort of arctic air coming down to freeze us out.

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