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02/18/06 Crab February 18, 2006

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I just love crab! We had dungeness (sp?) crab a couple of weeks ago in Depoe Bay and I had some other sort of crab tonight. Crab, warm butter … yummy! We took mom to the Asian Celebration, such that it was, and she took us out to dinner. She had a hankerin’ for shrimp so we went to McGraths Fish House. Christopher even managed to stay up and be in a relatively good mood. He also got to slobber on and gum to death a piece of sour dough crust. LOL!

Since I’ve actually been to Asia, the Asian Celebration here isn’t much to write home about. But for something that goes on in Oregon, it’s not too bad. It’s more fun than the logging conference that is happening next week. I’ll have to put in an appearance at that, because my company will have a couple of machines on display. And the boys (young and old) like to look at all of the big testosterone equipment.


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  1. Karen M Says:

    Oh, Liz, they will have so much fun!

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