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02/20/06 Someone else’s job February 20, 2006

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I have a job and I do my job (and also write in my blog ). I really hate having to do someone else’s job. Especially when that person gets paid significantly more than I do. Not only that, but everyone makes excuses for this person. If they do (or don’t do) something wrong, it’s not their fault, it’s your fault for not checking up or wiping their a** for them. She’s ‘green’, she doesn’t have an assistant, blah, blah, blah … the excuses go on and on. FIND SOMEBODY COMPETENT!

I wonder if it made it above freezing (or is that melting?) today? It was 23 degrees when I drove to work this morning. It was also gloriously sunny. It’s cloudy now. Bummer.

Christopher is 7 months old today. He is such a big boy 🙂 He was 19lbs 4ozs on his 6 month birthday. I wonder how big he is now. All I know is he is definitely NOT big enough for size 4 diapers … sorry honey, they’re just too big.


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  1. Karen M Says:

    This is always so much fun. The life of working for someone else.

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