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02/23/06 Guns February 23, 2006

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Now you may be wondering why I would write about guns. Well we were supposed to get a visit from Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) this afternoon. He was doing a ‘meet and greet’ with the owners of the company, then he was getting a tour of the plan, and finally he had a whopping 20 minutes to answer any questions from the employees. It must be an election year for him. Anyway, I just got an e-mail from the HR Manager that he had to postpone his visit because he was heading to Roseburg (an hour south) to visit a high school where there was a shooting.…

This shooting brings up the topic of guns.

Where do kids get guns? Everyone I know here who owns a gun (or guns) keeps them securely locked up. We have guns (rifles I think) but they’re in 47 pieces in the back of the closet, the firing mechanisms are in a drawer somewhere, and the ammunition is in the garage so well hidden that we’d have to buy new to be able to fire the damn things. The best use of our guns is as baseball bats. Let’s face it, a lot of people in Oregon hunt, so people have guns. But all of the hunters I know (and there are quite a few here at work) are responsible about their weapons. What kind of idiot leaves a pistol (with the ammunition) in a place that a teenager can get at it to take to school?

I called Toshiba today to see if they got my DVR. They have and I should get it back on the 3rd. I hate using video tapes. I had a defective DVR, but I still got spoiled.


2 Responses to “02/23/06 Guns”

  1. Karen M Says:

    Well, a motivated teenager could certainly find all of the parts if he wanted to. Also, not everyone is so careful about disassembling and hiding the parts of the gusn. Also, Iknow that some of my friends had their own hunting guns when they were teenagers. The guns were locked up, but the kids knew where the key was.

  2. Liz Says:

    Karen, that teenager would have to be *very* motivated to find all of the gun parts in our house. It would be like going on a treasure hunt with no map and no idea of what you are looking for either. Then, if he found everything, he’d have to know which parts go to which gun and know how to put it together. My kids just don’t know that much about guns.

    Micah is taking the hunter safety course at the end of the summer (when it’s offered). That was his 12th birthday present from Thomas. He *really* wants to go hunting. I *really* want him to be safe. Don’t want him to do what Cheney did .

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