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02/27/06 Househunting February 27, 2006

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Until you find THE house, househunting is such a drag. Is it because you get used to your current house’s idiosyncracies or are other houses really that bad? Granted my house is far from perfect. It’s got an avocado green wall in the hall and living room. It’s dark. It’s got horrid 70’s wallpaper in the kitchen. I don’t like the colour we painted the master bedroom (the paint chip was good, but our lighting makes it look like apple green) But it’s got great living space. The living room is huge and we can all fit in it with all of our sprawl. The house itself isn’t all that big, especially for the four of us, but it just seems to be laid out well. We looked at a couple of houses that were about 200 square feet larger than ours, yet ours seemed bigger. I’ve decided that we need a house that is at least 2000 square feet, with a good sized master bedroom. We looked at one that is 2400 square feet and I really like it. It’s got two problems. The first is a foundation problem in the back and the second is the price … it’s out of our price range by about $50k.

But on a brighter front (literally as well as figuratively) Thomas & the boys put up my new light fixture in the dining room. Hooray! It looks so nice. Yet another 70’s item gone. I think there are 5 or 6 more light fixtures to go. We have the one for hallway but we need to buy one for our closet area, vanity (I saw a cool one at Costco), boy’s bathroom vanity area, family room dining area and family room corner. Then all of the lighting will be from the 21st century.

All of my crocuses are blooming now. Spring is about to be sprung!


2 Responses to “02/27/06 Househunting”

  1. Karen M Says:

    Liz, you look quite stylish. Maybe what you need to do is fix up the house that you have.

  2. Liz Says:

    I’m dressed for the Oscars this weekend 🙂 We are fixing the house, but that doesn’t add a 4th bedroom. I am getting sort of tired of finding Jonah on the family room futon.

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