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03/01/06 Spring March 1, 2006

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Even though it doesn’t happen for three weeks, March is the first month of spring. Why is spring so cool? Is it because we’ve been stuck with short days, rain, and gloom? I know I appreciate the days getting longer. I also am looking forward to my flowers coming up and blooming. I have crocuses (which are up now), narcissus, daffodils, and tulips that will be up this month. I have irises and gladioluses that will come up in the summer.

Spring also means renewal … of body and house 🙂 I really want to strip the gross wallpaper in the kitchen. I really hate it. There’s not a lot of it, so it should be easy. (Famous last words) We need to caulk the master bathroom. Of course the rest of the light fixtures. I wonder if we painted the avocado green wall in the living room if it would be brighter in there. I like the wall, in a strange sort of way, but it is dark. We also need to start childproofing the house. Not to the extent of putting foam all over everything, but getting the little bits of things away from baby level. And we need to steam clean the carpet where the dog keeps peeing


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    If you like the green, but it’s too dark, how about doing a dry brush treatment of it with a lighter color? You might also check with Home Depot/Lowes as many of them have people who can suggest things.

  2. Liz Says:

    This is hard to explain. Whoever built the place put the exterior siding on the wall in the living room. They painted it with medium avocado green. The siding also has scooped out areas that are painted a darker avocado green. I’m not sure what would look good.

    We have two Home Depots and two Jerry’s Home Improvements for our little community. And we’re probably going to get a Lowe’s.

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