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03/08/06 The Homeless March 8, 2006

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This is a comment I posted on Rhonda’s blog …

The whole homeless issue is sort of like an iceburg, we only see a small portion of it.

There are so many causes of homelessness. Some are temporary and those people just need a place to stay and a little help getting a job. Other people are just flat out crazy and there’s not much you can do to help them. Then there are those who make more money panhandling on street corners than I do working in a regular job.

‘They’ say don’t give money to people, refer them to agencies. We have a few here in Eugene, but they are usually full.

Thomas found a homeless family (mother, dude {they weren’t married}, and son) living in their car in the Walmart parking lot. We knew we couldn’t change the system but we thought maybe we could help one family. They didn’t want to go to the Eugene Mission because they separate the men from the women and children. They never seemed to get to the top of the waiting list for the other place. We bought them food. Then they disappeared for a week. When they returned to the Walmart parking lot, Thomas went to check on them. They’d gotten money from somewhere, stayed someplace, and the car reeked of alcohol. After that I just began to wonder. Can you even help one family?