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03/06/09 It Snowed! March 9, 2006

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Snow is so cool! It’s pretty. It’s quiet. It’s fun. We had snow showers this morning with a tiny bit of accumulation. Christopher isn’t very impressed with snow. I think he likes rain better.

Christopher has started babbling. I think his first official word was ‘up’. He started with puh, puh, puh. Then he got the hang of up. Now he’s progressed to bababap or dadadada or badad. He’ll chatter for quite a while. Judy & I are working on getting him to say mama 🙂

The azaleas out side my office window are blooming a pretty deep pink. 🙂


One Response to “03/06/09 It Snowed!”

  1. Rhonda H Says:

    watch out — Andy might come up and teach him how to say “boogers” like he did to his neices!

    Snow… even here it is down to around 1200 feet. Wonder what would happen if it snowed in Sac? The whole state would have to shut down while we figured out what it was hehe… but it sure is chilly today — cold bite to the air, down in the 40s I think. Unusual for us.

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