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03/16/06 Layoffs and Shutdowns March 16, 2006

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Well today is the day they’re going to announce to the shop that over 20 of them are being laid off. Our new orders have dropped in half in the last couple of months, so we just don’t need the staff. Accounting is have a one week per month layoff. For now I have the weeks of 4/17 and 5/15 off. The is the second time in three years we’ve had a layoff of this scale. Part of me is saying, “Hooray, two weeks off and two weeks to spend with Christopher!” Part of me is saying, “I need a job in another industry.” So that second part of me called my contact at Accountemps to see what is out there. She may have a position for me.

Even though I’m involved with the Relay for Life (American Cancer Society) for my sister-in-law, I joined Go Red for Women because heart disease runs in my family and it is the number one killer of women; more than all of the cancers combined. I’m bummed I missed Go Red for Women Day. It was my dang birthday! If you join, you get a free red dress pin.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    So does your boss have a different week off than you??? if so then you have 4 weeks off

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