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03/28/06 A Day Away March 28, 2006

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Despite the fact that Christopher has ear infections, we spent Sunday night at Camp White Branch. It got Thomas and the boys out of the house and gave them an opportunity to play in some snow. Christopher is still not very impressed with snow. It’s not my idea of a holiday … I don’t care to clean a place before and after. But we had a grand night of Cranium! Thomas and I narrowly beat the boys. I’ve discovered a couple of things … no matter how good you can hum, it’s pretty darned hard to figure out the song and I know way too much about people in the entertainment industry. I got all of those questions right, even the ones that weren’t ours.

I had a good interview yesterday at a company that is hiring a Controller. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this one. It seems like a good company to work for and it’s back at a position that I am used to. So we’ll see.

School starts today for me. Oh boy, Advanced Financial Accounting III.