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4/29/06 It’s Green … April 29, 2006

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… there is green stuff coming out of my nose. It’s gross.

So I’ve lived through two weeks on the new job. No time to blog, no time to read the paper. Just work. The new job is going well. I am a manager and I get treated like one! This is a good thing. I was sort of thrown in the deep end, because the former CFO had been gone for 3 weeks by the time I started. I haven’t finished closing March and April ends tomorrow. Talk about being behind the 8 ball. Oy!

Christopher is mobile in a big way! It’s time for baby gates and cabinet latches! Oh, and Christopher just pooped.


04/17/06 My first day April 17, 2006

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The first day at a new job is so strange. I remember when I first started at Peterson … I started working immediately. Here, I am sort of easing into it. There’s no one to train me, so I have to train myself. Well, one of the CPA’s from their CPA firm was in for an hour and gave me the 10 minute tour of the accounting software. I didn’t know there were instructions on adding an e-mail account, so I figured that out on my own. I cleaned a bunch of stuff out of drawers and cabinets and rearranged a bunch of stuff. I found a keyboard, graphics tablet, and Adobe Acrobat Standard on the internet for the purchasing person to order for me. I started setting up Outlook.

I have an office with a window and my own bathroom. I have a nice faux cherry wood desk with a credenza/cabinet thing on the back wall. I need a loveseat. I need art. I need a kleenex …


04/14/06 Last Day April 14, 2006

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Today was my last day at PPC. For a last day, it wasn’t bad. I posted a couple of journal entries,  fixed a set of instructions, I read my e-mail, read the Chronicle, read Tim Goodman’s blog, read the Survivor website. After that I wandered around the building saying good bye. I was planning on leaving at about 10am, but Cherry & Karen wanted to go to lunch. They invited the CFO and he paid! Cool-o-rama! We went to Olive Garden. I just love their salad! It’s their dressing. Cherry found the recipe in a cookbook of restaurant recipes …

Olive Garden Italian Salad Dressing



½ cup white vinegar

1/3 cup water

1/3 cup oil

¼ cup corn syrup

2 ½ tbsp. grated Romano cheese

2 tbsp. dry pectin

2 tbsp. beaten egg or egg substitute

1 tsp. lemon juice

1 ¼ tsp. salt

½ tsp. minced garlic

¼ tsp. dried parley flakes

Pinch of dried oregano

Pinch of crushed red pepper flakes


Combine all of the ingredients with a mixer on medium speed or in a blender on low speed for 30 seconds.  Chill at least 1 hour.  Serve over mixed greens or use as a marinade.



04/13/06 3 year anniversary April 13, 2006

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Tuesday was my three year anniversary with PPC. No one noticed, no one said a thing. Was it because I am leaving or was it because no one cares about those things? Does it matter? I was 3/5ths of the way to earning a clock and 3/10ths of the way to earning a … well the guys get fishing poles, don’t know what the girls get. I’m not even fully vested in the 401(k). Oh well, life goes on. I am looking forward to a new work environment. I miss working in Campbell. We were in the middle of things. You could actually do something on your lunch hour … and you got an hour for lunch. We only get a half an hour now, but there’s nothing to do so it’s no biggie.

Christopher is sick again. He just got over two ear infections and on Sunday he started getting a runny nose. On Monday he started coughing. I made a doctor’s appointment for Tuesday, knowing what was coming next … he started wheezing on Wednesday. Poor little guy! If there had been a hospital between my MIL’s house and the doctor’s office I would have gone there first. He was having such a hard time breathing, it just made my heart break! The doctor gave him a nebulizer of albuterol and he was much better! We now have a nebulizer at home and he has 2 or 3 treatments a day. He HATES them! We go to the doctor again this afternoon to see how he’s doing. I think I’ve spent more on going to the doctor this month than I have buying food.

Passover started last night. Happy Passover everybody! I don’t do the matzo thing anymore. I’m married to a Catholic. We go to church and we’re going to my MIL’s house for Easter. The big question is will it rain for the Easter Egg hunt? My SIL, her son and her two foster kids are here for the week, so we actually have kids for the hunt. Hooray! We should decorate eggs on Saturday … or maybe on Friday, since the kids are off from school.


04/10/06 more on the new job April 10, 2006

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It has been brought to my attention (by Lexi, Karen & Patti) that I did not describe my new job well enough. How do you describe being a Controller? A Controller is in charge of the financial integrity of the company. So I make sure the information going into the system is accurate, by validating the systems in place to check for errors. I can’t exactly do the daily work myself, so I check the systems. I manage the accounting department. I work with the owners and general manager to keep expenses in line and help the company meet goals.

I get a better office. I get more money. I get treated like an adult.

If you want to check out the company website, it’s at It’s not the best site in the world, but it’s got a good map.

What else do you want to know?


04/10/06 Farmer’s Market

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First of all, you have one more week to get your taxes done and in the mail.

My sister posted on her blog about the farmer’s market near her house. I love that farmer’s market. Well, I love any farmer’s market. I love wandering the aisles of all of those fresh and yummy fruits and vegetables. The problem is that I buy stuff, it goes into my refrigerator and it is never seen again … until it comes out as a bag of goo. I discovered that I am not good at planning meals. As a matter of fact I HATE planning meals. I like the European idea of going to the market on your way home and buying what is fresh. Unfortunately my favourite market (Trader Joe’s) isn’t even close to being on my way home, not even for my new job. Besides, with kids you sort of have to plan things. Those little buggers need to be fed 4 or 5 times a day 😉 So back to the farmer’s market. Eugene has a very nice one … but there is no where to park, because it’s across the street from Saturday Market. Between the two of them they draw so many people that you have to park a mile away. Oh, and you need cash to shop there. I don’t carry cash, I have a debit card. I hate cash. So now that it’s spring, maybe we’ll go to the farmer’s market. I think Christopher would have fun.


04/03/06 Pueblo Indian Wisdom April 3, 2006

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Pueblo Indian Wisdom

Hold on to what is good

Even if it is a handful of earth

Hold on to what you believe in

Even if it is a tree which stands by itself

Hold on to what you must do

Even if it is a long way from here

Hold on to life

Even if it is easier to let go

Hold on to my hand

Even when I have gone away from you

~Pueblo Indian prayer~