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05/04/06 Catch up May 4, 2006

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I just love sunshine! It has been glorious up here … even with the brisk wind this week. And the days are long enough that I don’t want to be inside during the early part of the evening.

There is just a ton of stuff to do at work. I am trying to get a bunch of stuff automated. Some things are easier to accomplish than others. We are using a bank I wouldn’t necessarily use, but that isn’t my decision. I just bought a new postage meter and I get to buy a scanner with a document feeder and a new fax machine. I’m going to Portland for 2 days for training in a couple of weeks. Oh, and I’m trying to do month-end.

Christopher has to go to the allergist later this month. The poor guy has my allergies. I think he’s more miserable than I am. At least I can blow my nose. We have to nebulize him every morning. He HATES it!

I missed my art group last week. I didn’t know we had the boys that night (because of Thomas’ birthday) and it just seemed like all hell broke loose. I am bummed, because I like iris folding and I needed to do something crafty with other people. I never seem to do it at home, because I don’t know what to do. I think I have too many choices. It’s nice to just have a project given to you to play with.

I finished ACC423 and start ACC440 on Tuesday. I really need the week off between classes to get my brain to recharge. I don’t think I did that well in ACC423. Starting a new job and not being able to do homework at work is taking a toll. I’ll be lucky if I get a B on my final It seems as if the weekends just slip by and I never get to my computer to do any school work. I have the best of intentions, but then it’s Sunday night and … nothing.


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  1. Rhonda H Says:

    we;; at least you get to go to Portland!! You can get your cheese at the Co-op and then go out to First Impressions and get art supplies!!

    BTW: I will see if I can get up to Oregon is mid-August after I get back from my trip to see you all. Knowing me I will have some pressies for Chrostopher LOL! What size will he be in 2 months?

  2. Liz Says:

    Yes, I can visit Whole Foods, hooray! I don’t think First Impressions is open late. I’ll be in this class thing during the day. 😦
    August is in 3 months He’s in 12 month clothes now, so your best bet would be 18 or 24 month clothes.

  3. Julie Says:

    Wait-you were going to do crafts on Thomas’ birthday? Happy belated b-day to him (when was it?).

    Can’t do homework at work? The nerve!!! I guess when you get an office with a window & a bathroom they actually expect you to work! I’m lucky if I go to the bathroom 🙂 I’m sure you’ll get into the “swing of things” in no time.

    I guess it isn’t a surprise that a son of yours has allergies. I figured they’d show up later though! Rebecca started in about kindergarten.

    It’s warm – the girls are swimming! I can just feel summer around the corner!

  4. Liz Says:

    No, I was going to craft the day before Thomas’ birthday. This is a Joan thing – we get the boys from the evening before Thomas’ birthday until the morning after it. Strange, I know.

    Yeah, this homework thing is getting to be a drag I’m having to study … at home. I managed to eke out a B- in the class after getting a horrible 64% on the final.

    I had allergies when I was Christopher’s age. I was allergic to milk, eggs, citrus, and peanut butter.

    I want to sit by your pool and just veg … for about a month

  5. Mary H Says:

    At least your first Mother’s Day is tomorrow. I have interesting memories of my “executive mommy” days, so I can relate to much of what you are going through. I did a lot of traveling, with and without Helena, when she was a baby. I wasn’t going to college but later on, I did have three babies under the age of 4. Yikes!

    We did miss you at TAG. The iris folding looks so hard but is so easy—as long as you have a good pattern!

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