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05/09/06 The end of West Wing May 9, 2006

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Ok, so I’m a little behind in my TV watching … Thomas & I just watched the second to last episode of West Wing. I am so sad that show is ending. I just LOVE the writing! We had to pause the show three times because we were laughing so hard! I admit that the past couple of seasons were a little slow, but this last season really got the show back into gear. I guess it’s like redoing something in your house, you don’t get to it until you put the house up for sale.

So I finally get my TiVo and it working then I find out they’ve come out with a new TiVo with TWO tuners! I could just scream!!! I NEED THAT!!! Especially for this Sunday. What with the Survivor Finale AND the West Wing finale. CRAP!!!

My week off from school just went too fast. It’s Tuesday and I just started ACC440, or Intermediate Accounting. I am actually going to have to read stuff and think for this class. This is starting to get out of the realm of what I know. Ok smarta**, I should have done the same for the last class too.

Work is continuing to be good. I leased a postage meter last week, and I’m on the search for a good fax machine this week. I also have to get credit card software. We still use one of those antiquated swipe machines. Lame-o-rama! And always on the back burner is looking for new software. Life is never dull. I’m about half way through month end close and it’s the 9th. Someone commented that I was ahead of the game. I remarked that I was accustomed to having financials done by the +5 work day after the end of the month Those days are over.

I got antibiotics for my sinus infection … the green monster in my nose is mostly gone

Gotta go read for school … if I can keep my eyes open.


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  1. Rhonda H Says:

    You can’t TIVO two shows at once???? Jeez how can you live? LOL Get DISH TV DVR and you can record two things and still watch something else you have recorded at the same time!

  2. Liz Says:

    Don’t want Dish …

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