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05/21/06 12 days gone … May 21, 2006

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Time flies when you’re working. It’s been 12 days since my last blog post and I don’t know where the time went. Christopher turned 10 months old yesterday. He said ‘mamama’ today. I’m trying to teach him that ‘mama’ is me Image Thomas just put him down for a nap and he’s not too crazy about it. He sits up and stands up on his own, then doesn’t know he needs to lay down to go to sleep. He’s a bright kid, but not that bright.

It’s time to go to bed … I never got back to the computer to finish my blog entry


5 Responses to “05/21/06 12 days gone …”

  1. ThomastheBrave Says:

    Sorry, ((Hugs)) Here I come too.

  2. Rhonda H Says:

    Does Christopher say “no!” yet? lol

    So now that you have been there a little while, do you like your new job? Is it worth all that work? Hope so!

  3. Liz Says:

    From CA – I like my new job a lot. I just have to reschedule my evenings.I need to work on my time management skills. But I’m on a break right now, so I can breathe.

  4. Mary H Says:

    Umm, didn’t you get Memorial day off?? Or did you mean break from schoolwork and parenting?

    Did you get to do anything fun this weekend?

  5. Liz Says:

    With UofPhx, you only get the week of Thanksgiving and two weeks at Christmas & New Year’s off. Any other holidays are tough toenails. But the classes are 5 weeks long with a week break in between.

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