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08/31/06 Ennui August 31, 2006

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I still don’t have the pictures of the new house up on our pbase site I totally forgot last night. But I did get a two page paper written and uploaded. Hooray, homework done before the last day! I also got a couple of boxes packed. I am completely out of newprint … what a bummer and I was halfway through packing a box of dishes too.

But beyond that I just didn’t feel like dealing with moving last night. Thomas was at a study group for some professional certification thingy. They only have a class every two or three weeks. If I were in that group I would have forgotten what they learned a few months ago. By the time they are done I hope they remember everything. So I watched a TiVo-ed episode of Trading Spaces while I packed that partial box of dishes.

I love the word ennui … it’s totally how I felt last night. But I need to kick it into gear. We have so much to pack still … both bathrooms, the hall closet, the rest of the kitchen (which isn’t much really), and whatever is left in the boys’ rooms. And Honey, if you’re listening … YOU NEED TO PACK YOUR DESK!!! So stop reading my blog and just do it!

I’m taking my computer over in my car on Saturday morning. Comcast is connecting the cable and internet then. I love living in a relatively small community … you can get these things scheduled with just a few days notice rather than a few weeks notice! Qwest is supposed to be switching our phones on Friday … so if you call and we don’t answer either they screwed it up or we’re not home. I’m assuming the gas and electric got switched, because we have power at the new house.

I am waiting for the gas pipe dude to be done in Oakridge so I can meet him at the new house and he can run the pipe to the dryer. I just had my lunch in a box and I wait …


08/30/06 Painting … and painting … and painting August 30, 2006

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I painted the first coat of colour in our master bedroom all by myself last night! It only took me two hours.  We all helped to put up the two coats of primer over the weekend. What a job! Burgundy is such a rotten colour to paint over! Thomas will put the second coat up tomorrow and fix any booboos I made. I’m doing pretty well this morning, considering. I iced my neck and took two Aleve last night before I went to bed. I think I need two more Aleve now though.

There is so much to do before Saturday. I’m thinking that the movers can take all of the furniture and whatever is boxed up and then we’ll just move the rest.

I started a new class yesterday … Government and Not-for-profit Accounting. I got a B- in my tax class. Considering the effort I put in, that’s a grade I deserved.

I will have pictures of the new house soon … they’re off the camera I just haven’t had time to upload them at home.


08/23/06 We signed the papers August 23, 2006

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Well g~d willing and the creek don’t rise the house will be ours on Friday afternoon. We’ve signed every document known to man! I have called every service company to start things at the new house. We are scheduled to move on September 2nd. I have 9 days left to finish packing the house. Jonah has packed one box. He is at the coast with friends. Micah has packed a couple of boxes. He’s got so much crap rat-holed in his room that we’ll never know if he got it all until it’s all gone. I’ve started packing the non-essentials in the kitchen and dining room. Eventually we’ll be drinking out of plastic cups and eating off paper plates … which I found in the dish hutch! I am running out of room for the boxes. Oh man and there’s the garage.

I love working for an HVAC company! On Monday one of our guys is coming to the new house to see what they’ll have to do to run gas pipe from the fire place in the living room to the dryer, cooktop, and water heater areas (close together). I’ll finally get to use my gas dryer! It’s been in the garage for 4 years. We never got to that one at the old house.


08/14/06 Packing and getting the house ready August 14, 2006

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I hate yard work. That is why I sold my house in Hayward and bought a condo … well that and I hated living in Hayward. So we own a house with a huge yard (front and back). Thomas is mostly responsible for the yard. I don’t think either one of us are exceptional at it. At least he mows the lawn regularly. We have a vegetable garden this year. The lettuce was excellent. The tomatoes aren’t ripe yet. We have no squash yet and the corn isn’t big enough to pick. We have 3 dwarf fruit trees but only the apple tree is producing fruit this year (no honey, one measly pear does not constitute producing fruit). I’ve had tulips, daffodils, and narcissus for the last two years. I planted about two feet worth two falls ago and then couldn’t move for two days. I never planted any more. So back to yard work. We’ve all been trying to do our part to make the outside of the house look presentable for when we go to sell it. Thomas and the boys have been doing yeoman duty! The boys got the debris off the roof. They all pressure washed the house, front & back patios, and the front walk. It looks great! I did my part on Saturday morning then had trouble moving for the rest of the day. I got rid of about 12 feet of blackberry vines, thistles, and other sundry weeds. It took me an hour an a half and all I got out of it was a measly small bowl of blackberries. I also got a horrific flare up of tendonitis. Nice reward …

It is a lot easier to get work done when Christopher is asleep, naturally. He’s not really into watching mommy pack. He’d rather use the living room furniture as a jungle gym. He’s tall enough to crawl on everything. He’s even taken a few steps. Last night he stood up, looked at me with this ‘watch this mommy’ look, then took three steps and plopped on his butt. There’s no stopping him now!

It took 16 banker boxes to pack all of the books in the family room. I also have a bookshelf of books in the bedroom. I’ve packed about 2/3rds of the loose craft supplies in the family room. This doesn’t count what’s in the garage. Holy crap that’s going to take some serious boxes! Moving is going to be a b*tch!

I didn’t do any homework this weekend. I never made it to my computer for long enough. I hate this class, it’s income taxes. I hate taxes.

I finally got my eyes examined! Yes, I know it’s long past due (no comments from the peanut gallery please). My distance vision didn’t change, but I do need reading glasses (duh!). So I ordered my progressives today. They should be here in 10 days. Hooray!