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08/23/06 We signed the papers August 23, 2006

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Well g~d willing and the creek don’t rise the house will be ours on Friday afternoon. We’ve signed every document known to man! I have called every service company to start things at the new house. We are scheduled to move on September 2nd. I have 9 days left to finish packing the house. Jonah has packed one box. He is at the coast with friends. Micah has packed a couple of boxes. He’s got so much crap rat-holed in his room that we’ll never know if he got it all until it’s all gone. I’ve started packing the non-essentials in the kitchen and dining room. Eventually we’ll be drinking out of plastic cups and eating off paper plates … which I found in the dish hutch! I am running out of room for the boxes. Oh man and there’s the garage.

I love working for an HVAC company! On Monday one of our guys is coming to the new house to see what they’ll have to do to run gas pipe from the fire place in the living room to the dryer, cooktop, and water heater areas (close together). I’ll finally get to use my gas dryer! It’s been in the garage for 4 years. We never got to that one at the old house.


4 Responses to “08/23/06 We signed the papers”

  1. Rhonda H Says:

    1. Cute new avatar
    2. Congrats on the house!
    3. I cannot imagine myself moving from here after 20 years! It would take us a year to pack!!

  2. Liz Says:

    The best way to pack is to have someone come in and help you make the hard decisions. My SIL did that with my MIL and helped her get rid of a lot of junk. If I helped you I’d just end up transfering your junk to my house

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So is your current house going on the market soon?? I sure wish we had gas for the dryer. Ours is in the storage room. Sigh…

  4. Liz Says:

    Our current house is going on the market after:
    1. we move out
    2. get rid of all of the weeds and spruce up the front yard a bit
    3. paint a few walls
    4. clean the whole place
    Numbers 2 – 4 do not necessarily have to be done by us.
    My gas dryer has been sitting in the garage since we moved in. It will be nice to use again.

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