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08/31/06 Ennui August 31, 2006

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I still don’t have the pictures of the new house up on our pbase site I totally forgot last night. But I did get a two page paper written and uploaded. Hooray, homework done before the last day! I also got a couple of boxes packed. I am completely out of newprint … what a bummer and I was halfway through packing a box of dishes too.

But beyond that I just didn’t feel like dealing with moving last night. Thomas was at a study group for some professional certification thingy. They only have a class every two or three weeks. If I were in that group I would have forgotten what they learned a few months ago. By the time they are done I hope they remember everything. So I watched a TiVo-ed episode of Trading Spaces while I packed that partial box of dishes.

I love the word ennui … it’s totally how I felt last night. But I need to kick it into gear. We have so much to pack still … both bathrooms, the hall closet, the rest of the kitchen (which isn’t much really), and whatever is left in the boys’ rooms. And Honey, if you’re listening … YOU NEED TO PACK YOUR DESK!!! So stop reading my blog and just do it!

I’m taking my computer over in my car on Saturday morning. Comcast is connecting the cable and internet then. I love living in a relatively small community … you can get these things scheduled with just a few days notice rather than a few weeks notice! Qwest is supposed to be switching our phones on Friday … so if you call and we don’t answer either they screwed it up or we’re not home. I’m assuming the gas and electric got switched, because we have power at the new house.

I am waiting for the gas pipe dude to be done in Oakridge so I can meet him at the new house and he can run the pipe to the dryer. I just had my lunch in a box and I wait …