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09/29/06 Other blogs September 29, 2006

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I’ve been reading other people’s blogs. I like to read other people’s ramblings. And people often link to other blogs so I end up reading and reading and reading. Then I never get around to writing.

What I’ve been reading … – she really needs to post more often 😉 (Linda & Karen’s brother) (Linda & Karen’s other brother) Tim Goodman’s The Bastard Machine

I also read stuff on … there’s Brian Williams, and some people from Newsweek who have good blogs.


09/26/06 Happy Birthday Xina September 26, 2006

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Today is my friend Christina’s birthday. I don’t know if she reads the blog, but for those of you who know her, send her happy birthday wishes.

I finally got the pictures of the house uploaded to our pbase site. It’s and the first set of pictures is of the new house. Once we get it all organised, I’ll take more pictures. I even posted a couple of new pictures of Christopher.

This is week 5 of my government accounting class. I think I have more homework to do this week than I did in the first 4 weeks combined! And I have to do a final exam.  Then I have a week off and will start the first of two auditing classes after that. That will be the end of my core accounting classes. I have some funky interdisciplinary capstone class to take then 5+ electives (trying to get some continuing education credits to qualify as credits) and next October I’ll be done!!!


09/15/06 Garage Sale Tomorrow September 15, 2006

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Well, it’s taken us almost 4 years of living in that house to finally get around to having a garage sale. We had to move out to have it. I’ve never had a garage sale before. I’d really love to sell my electric dryer and service for 16 dish set. The rest of the junk I’d be just as happy to give to St. Vinnie’s. We just hired a new receptionist, but she doesn’t have the clothes. I have loads of clothes for her so she’s coming by at 8am to take a look. I’d wanted to give the nice clothes to a women’s shelter for women to go on job interviews, but I can’t get that organised. I have signs printed in big print so you can read them as you drive by. And I’m stopping off at Staples to pick up Avery labels that are price stickers. They even call it a garage sale kit. Very cool! I am also hoping it doesn’t rain tomorrow.


09/11/06 In the news … September 11, 2006

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Does anyone find it odd that the news today consists of remembrances of tragedy and devastation in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia (yes the Pentagon is in Virginia) AND the fact that Suri Cruise is on the cover of Vanity Fair? But is Suri Cruise news? I don’t think so. Cute yes, news no. I see more nonsense (can’t really call it news can I) about celebrities than actual news … you know, those events that happen around the world that might be important. There are no newspapers at the checkstands any more, there are just celebrity gossip papers, entertainment magazines, and the occasional magazine of some other topic. We learn more about celebrities from these publications than we do about a lot of our family members.

For those who died on 09/11/01 you are not forgotten.


09/07/06 One pain in particular September 7, 2006

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I don’t know what I did, but as I was trying to put jammies on Christopher, my right hip/lower back just started hurting. It’s halfway through the next day and it still hurts, and the pain is beginning to radiate outwards. Advil doesn’t help much.

I have my computer set up on my desk, it was on the floor. Thomas set up my desk on Tuesday, thank you honey 🙂

Still haven’t had time to upload the pictures of the house. Sorry …

We still have stuff at the old house. Sorry …

Lunchtime is over. Sorry …


09/03/06 Aches & Pains September 3, 2006

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First of all, Happy Sister’s Day to my sister 🙂

We are mostly moved. I suppose we could be more moved if we’d been more packed. You have such a false sense of security when you only move 5 blocks. We have our bed and Christohper’s bed all put together and we slept in them last night. The TV in the bedroom is hooked up, but the one in the living room isn’t. There are boxes everywhere. And there is a whole bunch of junk at the old house. We are planning on having a garage sale next weekend at the old house. We are selling a lot of the stuff we didn’t move. What a way to finally get around to having a garage sale!

We had a mostly quiet day today. Neither one of could move a lot. Thomas soaked in the spa twice today for his achy muscles. He also sprained his ankle really badly yesterday morning, so needless to say putting a lot of weight on it hurts a lot! I am just fat and out of shape, so naturally I’m aching. That combined with FM makes for a fun day … not!

We’re going to hook up the living room TV and go to bed!



09/01/06 Mean Cruel Evil Ugly Step Mother September 1, 2006

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I like to think that’s not me. I had lunch with my friend Laura, who has been married about the same amount of time as I have and has a stepdaughter. I think she’s going to start a step parent club. She has a friend who is a new step parent. Anyway we were discussing the role of stepmother and the fact that we end up being the nag. Is it because we’re women, because all teenagers (and pre-teens) just don’t know how to clean up after themselves, or because we’re both type A personalities? Is it a Y chromosome thing that men just don’t see the crap all over the counters and tables and any other flat surface in the house? Will we go through this when our own children are 12? Now this is not to say that Thomas doesn’t nag the boys as well. Sometimes we get on them in stereo. Maybe we should whisper, they might listen harder. What does it take to get a teenager to put the dishes in the dishwasher, put their junk in their room, and take care of their animal? Are they just so unaware of what they are doing? Or do they just not give a damn? When we bring it up all we get is “oh, sorry.” I am so sick of ‘sorry’ I can’t even tell you. We got home from work on Monday and the boys had trashed the kitchen. Since they’d gone back to their mom’s house we couldn’t say anything to them. Thomas took pictures. WHAT DOES IT TAKE????