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09/03/06 Aches & Pains September 3, 2006

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First of all, Happy Sister’s Day to my sister 🙂

We are mostly moved. I suppose we could be more moved if we’d been more packed. You have such a false sense of security when you only move 5 blocks. We have our bed and Christohper’s bed all put together and we slept in them last night. The TV in the bedroom is hooked up, but the one in the living room isn’t. There are boxes everywhere. And there is a whole bunch of junk at the old house. We are planning on having a garage sale next weekend at the old house. We are selling a lot of the stuff we didn’t move. What a way to finally get around to having a garage sale!

We had a mostly quiet day today. Neither one of could move a lot. Thomas soaked in the spa twice today for his achy muscles. He also sprained his ankle really badly yesterday morning, so needless to say putting a lot of weight on it hurts a lot! I am just fat and out of shape, so naturally I’m aching. That combined with FM makes for a fun day … not!

We’re going to hook up the living room TV and go to bed!



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  1. Rhonda H Says:

    and Happy Sister’s Day to you to my wonderful Sister (ok ok so I am a day late lol)… glad you are moved, the aches will go eventually (she says) and isn’t it grand how you have a nice new house!
    Gentle hugs,

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