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09/07/06 One pain in particular September 7, 2006

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I don’t know what I did, but as I was trying to put jammies on Christopher, my right hip/lower back just started hurting. It’s halfway through the next day and it still hurts, and the pain is beginning to radiate outwards. Advil doesn’t help much.

I have my computer set up on my desk, it was on the floor. Thomas set up my desk on Tuesday, thank you honey 🙂

Still haven’t had time to upload the pictures of the house. Sorry …

We still have stuff at the old house. Sorry …

Lunchtime is over. Sorry …


4 Responses to “09/07/06 One pain in particular”

  1. Rhonda H Says:

    You need to find a NIA class — there are a ton in Oregon. It is the MOST fun form of exercise I have ever done! It’s a combination of a lot of styles and maybe a little new-agey in parts but it is what gets me off my butt and moving! I think you might like it… check the teacher list on the NIA site (there are many listed in Eugene I saw). I will email you the link since it says no HTML here. But you can Google NIA and find the main site I think.
    Hope your ouchies go away soon!
    Enjoy your new digs!

  2. Liz Says:

    Yes, I need exercise. But for the immediate problems (my neck joined the pain band wagon) I need my chiropractor. The office was closed yesterday. I will call today.

    BTW, the website was cool.

  3. Julie Says:

    Hi Liz – Congrats on the move! I am just catching up w/your blog. I guess you did something to your back lifting boxes? I hope it feels better soon. How is Thomas’ ankle? I guess we are getting too old to move..haha.. About your previous blog – about kids & cleaning up – I don’t think they care. Kids are egocentric. Unless we find a way that keeping the house clean benefits THEM, it is a battle. I don’t take money away because I don’t want the chores tied to $$. I take away priveleges. They can’t do computer/games/play outside/etc. until they’ve done what I’ve asked. If they forget, the consequence is that they have to stop what they are doing (they hate that) to do it immediately. Can’t wait to see house pictures :-).

  4. Julie Says:

    Uh, I meant “privileges”.

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