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09/11/06 In the news … September 11, 2006

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Does anyone find it odd that the news today consists of remembrances of tragedy and devastation in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia (yes the Pentagon is in Virginia) AND the fact that Suri Cruise is on the cover of Vanity Fair? But is Suri Cruise news? I don’t think so. Cute yes, news no. I see more nonsense (can’t really call it news can I) about celebrities than actual news … you know, those events that happen around the world that might be important. There are no newspapers at the checkstands any more, there are just celebrity gossip papers, entertainment magazines, and the occasional magazine of some other topic. We learn more about celebrities from these publications than we do about a lot of our family members.

For those who died on 09/11/01 you are not forgotten.