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10/30/06 Open House October 30, 2006

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We finally put our house on the market and had an open house yesterday (Sunday). It got a fair amount of traffic. We worked our hineys off on Saturday and Sunday morning doing a bunch of finishing. We put up two towel bars, put in new cove base (that plastic baseboard stuff) and caulked in the master bath; replaced all of the switch plates, and put shredded cedar on the front plant bed next to the house. Our real estate agent put some stuff in to ‘stage’ the house so it wouldn’t look so empty. The house looked damn good! We still need to clear out the garage. Maybe next weekend. Here’s the link ……


10/26/06 Jonah’s 16th birthday October 26, 2006

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Well, it’s sort of anti-climactic (sp?) He’s off with his dad at some IHS (International High School) event. We had pasta for dinner and there’s a cake for him in the kitchen … made by your’s truly. We’ll have the whole family dinner on Saturday. We already gave him his present, besides the fact that the main reason we bought the new house was so he could have his own bedroom. We got him a dress shirt, sweater and sport coat for the Homecoming dance that was last Saturday. He looked sharp! That’s him in the picture. Maybe I’ll take a picture of his cake too.


10/24/06 Carpet update October 24, 2006

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The carpet was mostly installed last night when we went to the old house. Wow, it doesn’t even look like our house any more. It looks so nice having the same carpet everywhere. Thomas put up the current-era light fixtures on Sunday so I think we’ve eliminated all traces of 1970 with the exception of the avocado green kitchen counter. But hey, retro is in … LOL!


10/22/06 Micah and his wrist October 22, 2006

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Micah dislocated his wrist and broke his arm yesterday. So Thomas spent the better part of the day with Micah and his mom at the hospital. I saw the x-ray this afternoon. Oh gross! The guy is a trooper. He looked tired when we saw him, but he gave us all hugs. He’s going to an orthopedist on Monday and they’ll probably give him a permanent cast. I told him he did it to attract girls!



10/05/06 To carpet or not … October 5, 2006

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Selling a house sucks. And apparently now is not the time to be selling. Well too bad, I need to sell my house dammit! I don’t know whether to replace the carpet or not. The real estate agent and a couple of other people (whose opinions I respect) recommend replacing the carpet. I’m hesitant for a couple of reasons. First of all I am loathe to substitute my taste for someone elses. Who is to say that what I chose someone else will like. I know, go neutral and cheap. Well what I picked out is both. And if the house doesn’t sell in the next month or two we are thinking of renting it out. If we do that, we’d just rather have the existing carpets cleaned. I think they’ll look a lot nicer after we do that. So I’m just throwing this out into the universe and maybe an answer will drop itself in my lap … or not.


10/04/06 Battlestar Galactica October 4, 2006

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Friday at 9pm is the Season 3 opener for the new Battlestar Galactica. I watched about an hour of part 2 of the miniseries. I just couldn’t get into it. I missed part 1 and I was totally lost. I wanted to like it. I loved the original. But what’s not to love about Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict! Besides Men in Trees is on at 9pm on Fridays and I already like that. I’ve always liked Anne Heche all the way back to the time when she was on the daytime soap Another World.

Oh geez, and I just ALT-TAB-ed back to the Sci-Fi channel’s web page and they have Doctor Who now too. I loved the books but hated the TV show on PBS. I’d love to watch that but it’s on Fridays at 8pm. That’s when I TiVo Grey’s Anatomy because the Thursday showing of it is against CSI. I need another TiVo. I know they now have dual tuner TiVos out there but mine is more than just TiVo. It also has a DVD-R/RW. So it’s a multi-function set-top box. That’s important. I don’t like single function set-top boxes.

Later … I just read all of the episode sysnopses for seasons 1 and 2. It’s nothing like the original series. They kept some of the names and the most basic premise that they’re searching for Earth. Oh, and Richard Hatch is still there, but in a different role. Beyond that it’s a whole new show. Geez, Starbuck and Boomer are now women. That is so wrong …


10/02/06 National Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 2, 2006

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. From


Each year, 182,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 43,300 die. One woman in eight either has or will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. In addition, 1,600 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 400 will die this year.

If detected early, the five-year survival rate exceeds 95%. Mammograms are among the best early detection methods, yet 13 million U.S. women 40 years of age or older have never had a mammogram.

The National Cancer Institute and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommend that women in their forties and older have mammograms every one to two years. A complete early detection plan also includes regular clinical breast examinations by a trained medical professional. Monthly breast self-exams are suggested in addition.