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12/14/06 Happy Chanukah (tonight) December 14, 2006

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For those people who celebrate, Happy Chanukah and Good Shabbos. For those of you who don’t, tonight starts the festival of lights or Chanukah which lasts for eight days. In the grand scheme of Jewish holidays, Chanukah is really a minor festival. But it coincides with Christmas so everyone makes a big deal about it, especially with presents. I like to light the menorah but I’m not into Chanukah presents. I’ll take presents from Santa 🙂

Today is a rainy blustery day … just what you’d expect in Oregon in December. Most of the trees have no leaves and the leaf picker upper people still haven’t made it to our neighborhood.

I have a week and a half of Auditing II and I’ll be done with my core classes. I have a “capstone” class then 5 2/3rds electives to take. I’m taking an on-line art history class through LCC and I’m looking into 3 electives from UofPhx. I am also going to try to get the two remaining credits covered with continuing education credits. I am so close, I can’t stand it!!!


2 Responses to “12/14/06 Happy Chanukah (tonight)”

  1. Rhonda H Says:

    Art History should be fun — what are you studying? Course it would be nice if you could take a field trip to Paris or Italy to see what you are learning about up close hehe 🙂

  2. Liz Says:

    It’s the history of Western Art. From the LCC catalog … Historical survey of the visual arts from early Christian through the High Renaissance in the Western world. Examines the relationship of art to religion within a social, historical, political and philosophical context, and explores how these connections relate to the present.

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