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12/17/06 We got a tree December 17, 2006

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We drove into the wilderness and cut down a tree. I’ll have photos later. I’m on Jonah’s laptop, while the family watches TV together. I miss having a laptop with internet access. My old hokey laptop is Win98 and it would be lame to put it on the internet. It would be virus ridden in minutes.

So back to the Christmas tree. We were going to just go to one of the “cut your own tree” places and get a tree there. But as we drove by the place, we decided to keep driving. Thomas knew where we could get a tree cutting down permit, so we stopped there and paid our $5 for the permit. We followed the map up the state road and drove up some side roads. Every road we went up had trees across them at various points. So we weren’t able to go as high as Thomas wanted. But we saw snow, played in snow, and found a tree. It’s not a full bushy tree, like at a farm or a lot. But we had fun finding it.

Christopher wasn’t very impressed with snow. He would grab some then try to fling it from his hands. It was cute. He was much more interested in the rocks on the gravel road. He’s a rock dude. He’s also not much into being in the car for an hour. He can be bribed temporarily with milk and cookies.