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12/22/06 And on the 7th night we blew it (no pun intended) December 22, 2006

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Dang! We didn’t light the candles last night. Well the boys were out with their mom and by the time they got home … Thomas & I had dinner in the living room, totally bypassing the dining room where the menorah sits. Ah well, tonight we’ll have to light them for the 8th and final night.

After already working 4 10’s, Thomas got off at 11am and is spending the rest of the day with the teenagers. They need some time with their dad. Christopher is happy at day care. I am still at work. Hopefully we’ll close at 3pm.

Yummy, I had lunch with mom at the local Thai restaurant. I had my all time favourite … Pad Thai. If I wanted something else I’d go to a different restaurant.

I am finally wearing Christmas attire. I made this cute sweatshirt several years ago … my one and only attempt with those bottles of dimensional fabric paint. My hands are just not strong enough to squeeze those stupid little bottles. So I am wearing a white turtleneck with a pointsettia print and my Christmas sweatshirt over it. I have on green socks with Christmas trees and earrings that a friend made that look like Christmas trees. They’re green triangles with a bead at the bottom for the ‘trunk’ of the tree. (Yes Julie they’re from Karen.) They’re a lot cuter than I can describe them.

Part of me feels guilty that I am writing this at work and part of me feels like we should just close. Most people are gone anyway. No such luck … back to Budget 2007 …