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12/26/06 We survived the carnage … December 26, 2006

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This was the first Christmas where Christopher could participate. He didn’t do much last year because he was only 5 months old. He didn’t understand presents. Once he got a present with a ball, he was happy. He also liked one of the empty boxes. He used it as a car and one of us pulled him around the living room … until the box couldn’t take it any more and died. He loves his basketball hoop. It’s now in the family room, but we put it together so he would see it first thing on Christmas morning. He loves ‘badetball’. Everything is a ‘badetball’ now.

We had 11 people for Christmas Eve dinner. It was nice to have the new house full of people. Four were last minute additions, but we had so much food that my attitude was ‘the more the merrier’. Christopher loves playing with new people, after he gets over the shy factor. We opened presents from the grandparents on Christmas Eve and presents from each other and Santa on Christmas morning.

We had so many leftovers that we invited my mom over for dinner on Christmas night. We still have a ton of leftovers. I took some for lunch today. I imagine that I will soon be sick of mashed potatoes, candied yams, greenbean casserole, and rib roast.

I can’t believe I’ve already had a week off from school and only have one more week off. It’s going too fast!