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12/31/06 The last day of the year December 31, 2006

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And as far as that goes, it’s probably going to be a fairly uneventful one. It’s shortly after 9am and Christopher & I have just had breakfast. Dadoo fried us eggs and I made english muffin toast. I think this is the most I’ve seen Christopher eat in one sitting in days. This is a good thing because he hasn’t been eating much this weekend.

I’m not even sure I’ll be awake at midnight … no surprise to some of you. If they had the new year start at noon I’d be all over it!

I can’t believe my two week break from school is almost over! I go back on Tuesday and have one more week of Auditing II. On Tuesday the 9th, I go to LCC for an hour orientation on their on-line classes for my art class. Oh joy … not. I’ve been going to school on-line for over 3 years. I think I know the drill. Oh well.

We’ve actually been putting some stuff away that was in (or near) boxes. Thomas put all of our suitcases in the secret closet under the stairs. Well I suppose it’s not a secret any more. I got a new scanner for Christmas from mom (my old one died) and I set that up yesterday. I also cleaned off a corner of my desk. But now there crap on it again

I still haven’t sent out Christmas cards with the family newletter. I blame it on my printer. I think it is having mental problems. We are going to attempt to get it a new ink cartridge in hopes that it will un-die. I found some heavier paper (24 lb as opposed to 18 or 20 lb) and we are hoping this will resolve the bleed through problem of printing with an inkjet printer on both sides of the paper. If not they’ll just be grey scale and printed on the laser printer. Oh well. To bad. I wanted to get them mailed with a December postmark. No such luck.