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01/04/07 Bleak? January 4, 2007

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I just told my boss that January is supposed to be bleak. I didn’t used to be. I remember we used to have a week of gorgeous weather in January. There’s nothing like spending the afternoon at Ocean Beach on a sunny January afternoon. We have none of that here. January is pretty much grey and rainy. Threats of floods, loading up the ark and all of that nonsense abound during January. When I went to lunch this afternoon it was a mix of snow and rain. I was sensible and had my fire coat on. Mom showed up in a cardigan sweater. She did have an umbrella. I admonished her for not having appropriate outer attire on.

I was reading one of the blogs I mentioned yesterday and it talked about picking a word for the year. I so don’t know where to start on that one. Any time someone asks me to narrow something down to one word, a thousand of them flood my mind. So I’m stuck on that one.

I used to ridicule women who would write about trying to carve out time for themselves. That was back when I was single and had no kids. I have been telling myself that I will have time for myself when I finish my degree. I need to live up to that promise. I do not do anything that is just for me. I do things for others, I do things for the house. Six more months …

This is the last week of Auditing II. Then I have a week off (hooray) and I have this class they call a ‘capstone’ class. It’s a bunch of nonsense to use up 3 credits. I have to take it. On Tuesday I have to go to LCC for my one hour orientation for my on-line art class. I’ll save $2500 by taking two classes at LCC. That combined with getting my degree 2 1/2 months earlier is AWESOME! My degree … it sort of rolls trippingly off the tongue.


3 Responses to “01/04/07 Bleak?”

  1. MaestraHaven Says:

    Even having no kids, it can be challenging to “carve out time for yourself”. But remember, aren’t you getting that degree for you? Hopefully you aren’t doing it for anyone else. Well, maybe benefits will slop over into others’ lives, but you are still doing it for you. And as for being a mom…that was something you also did for you. 🙂 And you are doing it so well! 😀 Just trying to give another perspective. 😀

  2. Liz Says:

    Getting my degree that is something that will be mine, but I was sort of forced to go back to school by my former employer. It’s not something that was on my immediate agenda. It is not something that feeds the atrophying right side of my brain. Having a child is not something I did for myself. It goes way beyond that. A child is a part of you but it is not for you.

  3. Julie Says:

    I have always been fortunate that I don’t need a lot of time for myself, so I don’t seek it out or worry about it. I have a similar perspective as Lori. Having children was a choice I made – no one made me do it & they certainly didn’t ask me to have them. I wanted children & when you go after something *you* want, I think it’s fair to say it’s “for you”. I am prone to vent as anyone, but my underlying philosophy is that anything I do for my kids is ultimately for me, because it was my strong desire to have them. It isn’t like I made the choice NOT knowing that it was going to involve giving totally of myself on a daily basis. Every soccer practice I drive to, every homework I help with, every check I write for school/sports/etc. may not be directly FOR me, but ultimately those activities are consequences of a decision I made & so I view them as being for me. You said it – my children are a part of me, anything I do for them ultimately benefits me as well as them. I think your degree will also benefit you most directly. If you were doing it for a former boss then you could have quit. There must be something about it that is for you (i.e. brain stimulation, more opportunities) or it wouldn’t be logical for you to still be pursuing it. Basically, my entire point is that we choose our attitude. You can choose the attitude that everything you do is for everyone else (which may ultimately make you feel resentful) or you can acknowledge the likelihood that you have free choice & thus must somehow be benefitting on some level from the consequences of those choices.

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