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01/10/04 … and then it snowed … January 10, 2007

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It’s not snowing at work yet, but it snowed on Thomas when he got to JC. There is accumulating snow for the valley floor in the forecast. Yes folks it is winter in Oregon!

I finished my Auditing II class on Monday! Hooray! NO MORE ACCOUNTING CLASSES! I was so excited when they started and now that it’s 2 1/2 years later I am so glad they’re over. I just need these 5 (or is it 6?) electives and I am DONE DONE DONE. My next class starts on Tuesday. It’s the capstone class. It should be boring. I went to the worthless orientation at LCC for the Survey of Western Art class. She could have just e-mailed the syllabus to me and saved me the waste of an hour. And there are two exams that you have to take on campus?!? WTF?!? It’s supposed to be an “on-line” class. Do they not get what on-line means??? Like I have the time to compete with 75,000 students over the course of a week to take an exam! ARGH!!!

At least I got home in time to put Christopher to bed. That is our routine and he even chooses me over Dadoo to do it. It warms my heart. I came home and he ran down the hall and said “Mommy!” I just love that.

For those of you who are interested, Relay for Life is now starting team sign-ups. There’s some deal that if you sign your team up now, your $100 registration fee will go towards your team fund raising goal. Relay is 7 months away. You may think it’s a lot of time, but the next thing you know it’ll be the last weekend in July and you’re on the LCC track walking for a cure!