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01/12/07 Sunny and frozen January 12, 2007

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My poor brain cannot grok sunshine and freezing temperatures. It is not even 30 degrees outside but it is a beautiful sunny day. I must admit it is a nice change from the usual January grey days we get here in the PNW. But it is still strange.

The schools had a late start day and so did I for work. It is nice to have a leisurely morning after getting Thomas and Baboo off for the morning. It was nice and quiet. I really appreciate no one talking, especially after the whiny day Christopher had yesterday. There is a reason I am not a stay-at-home mom. I would kill my children. There are those people who can deal with children no matter what their temperment and there are people like me. People like me take their children to daycare to those people who can deal with children no matter their temperment. I like being appreciated for the hour in the morning and evening not taken for granted. Yesterday Christopher was not overly interested in me being in the same room with him yet he did not want me in another room. He was whiny and cranky. Yes I know there was probably a perfectly good reason for his temperment but that does not make it easier to deal with.

I am at work today, Christopher is at day care today. We are both happy.


4 Responses to “01/12/07 Sunny and frozen”

  1. MaestraHaven Says:

    They are expecting record-breaking lows here in Northern California tonight. Supposed to get down into the 20s. It barely hit 50 degrees today, and the wind was frigid…but we also had the most gorgeous, sunshiney day. This is ridiculous! I left NY to avoid this cold winter weather! What is up with this??? And the President feels that Global Warming is a myth? Yeah. Right.. Sure.

  2. Liz Says:

    It never made it to 32 degrees yesterday. The sun was out so it was nice and bright, but it was dang cold! It’s 9am and Weather Bug says it’s 20 degrees. It won’t make it to 32 degrees today either. Oh, and the President is an idiot.

  3. Rhonda H Says:

    It’s even been freezing here! I have to wait 10 min in the mornings til my car is unfrozen and the windows cleared of ice before I go to work — sheesh!

  4. Liz Says:

    I just love being able to park my car in the garage! Thankfully it’s not freezing (just near freezing) at night now. Thomas gave me a great trick for not having to scrape ice from your windshield … put a layer of newspaper on it. The ice forms on the paper, not your window. It’s awesome!

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