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01/26/07 BSG Revisited January 26, 2007

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Ok, I’ll admit it … I am hooked on the new Battlestar Galactica. Thomas & I have been catching up with the DVDs from Netflix. We have one more episode from season 2.5 and we’ll be on to season 3. Well we would be on to season 3 if the TiVo didn’t dump the episodes we recorded. It would have been nice for TiVo to flash a message that it was getting full. I could have offloaded some episodes to DVD. So we have a couple of season 3 episodes saved, but not the whole season.

The new Starbuck is better than the old Starbuck. Actually the new BSG is better than the old BSG. The old BSG is sort of a hollow shell compared to the new one. And I’m liking the fact that the toaster Cylons are just drones and that the thinkers are in human form. While the new Baltar is rather insipid his British accent gives him a minor reprieve. I think Dean Stockwell may never die. He just showed up in the second to last episode of season 2.5 as Brother Cavil. He had some of the BEST lines … too bad I can’t remember any of them. Despite the fact that he’s a Cylon, some of what he says is scarily true … at least to me.

They are changing some of the key details between the old and new. Sharon-who-had-the-baby becomes Athena because she’s not Sharon-Boomer. Well Athena was Apollo’s sister in the old BSG. They must have run out of Roman goddesses. They killed off Jammer in the new one. You can’t kill off a major character.

And why are there multiple copies of each Cylon model? We don’t understand this? How does Sharon-who-had-the-baby have memories that Sharon-Boomer experienced? Sharon-w-h-t-b was reminiscing with Starbuck about how they met. But it wasn’t Sharon-w-h-t-b who was a newbie pilot who met Starbuck, it was Sharon-Boomer. That confuses us.

Here are a few for the “What were they thinking?” category –

  • Porcelain toilets on Cloud 9? They have an FTL drive, but can’t come up with a better toilet design than the trusted old porcelain model with the black seat???
  • Why do they fire just regular bullets. Again with the FTL comparison – they figure out how to fly faster than light but can’t come up with a bullet that will pierce a toaster Cylon?
  • We have digital cellular technology on Earth, but the Colonial fleet’s wireless transmissions are more static-y than Ground Control to Major Tom. One of the phones looks just like a pay phone. Was the props department that desperate?
  • What’s with the paper? Does chopping off the corners make it more futuristic or different? How do you ‘dog ear’ a book page if you don’t have a corner? They use fraking porcelain toilets. Use normal paper!
  • Speaking of paper – where did they find the secret stash of paper to use for the political campaign fliers? They have to ration food and water, but have reams of paper to waste for a presidential campaign?
  • Where does all of the booze come from? They’ve been on the run for 9 months. You’d think at some point even the Cloud 9 would run out.

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  1. Rhonda H Says:

    TOLD YA it was super!! (way back when I started watching it LOL)

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