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02/03/07 Happy Birthday to me … February 3, 2007

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… Happy Birthday to me! I love my birthday. So far I’ve gotten four cards and one physical present and one announcement of a present. It’s 9am and Christopher is already napping. Playing with his brothers tires him out! He doesn’t know what birthdays are, but the wrappings and boxes sure are fun to play with.

The taco fest is tomorrow. It’s too annoying to explain why it’s tomorrow and not today. While I know how to make mom’s tacos … mom does make them best!

The picture is the envelope from the card Jonah gave me. He did the drawing. I wanted to share it.


5 Responses to “02/03/07 Happy Birthday to me …”

  1. Rhonda H Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you are having a wonderful day and enjoying every bit of all the attention and fun!!
    Big hugs from your sister…
    love, Ra

  2. Liz Says:

    And happy half birthday to you! I hope your hands are feeling better. We are having a good day. The boys (big and little) gave me cards and pressies (and notices of pressies to come). Thomas is going to make dinner. Christopher is being adorable. What else can you ask for??? Oh yeah, tacos tomorrow night!

  3. Julie Says:

    Happy Birthday Liz! We just got home a while ago from celebrating my mom & Chance in San Carlos. I think your card is still in my car…sorry. Sounds like you had a fun day & that there is more to come tomorrow. Enjoy! -Julie

  4. Liz Says:

    It was a good day! Now I just need to do the assignment for school that was due yesterday. I hope you had fun in SF! Wish your mom a Happy Birthday from me!

  5. MaestraHaven Says:

    Happy birthday! I am sorry, I had forgotten which day, though I remembered your birthday was in February. I know…I love birthdays also…the alternative to having them is just unacceptable! Enjoy! Celebrate!

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