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03/28/07 March 28, 2007

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Christopher loves to draw! He gets to use coloured pencils at daycare. I love that he has such a variety of interests; drawing, balls, hats, tools, walking, reading, and just playing with his stuff. I don’t want to pigeon hole him, I want to encourage everything so he feels like he can do everything. At times he can be this amazing little boy and at other times he can be this whiny, crying, screaming little turd. So when he’s being a turd I just try to remember the amazing things. It’s not always easy but he is awfully cute so that helps.

I think I have a cold, either that or really horrific allergies.

We saw this really good movie last week. I had to watch it for my Humanities class, that finished on Monday! We wrote a PowerPoint presentation on it. It is Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas. It’s based on a true story about a famous ballroom dancer, Pierre Dulaine. He starts teaching ballroom dancing to kids in NYC. I really enjoyed it. Antonio Banderas was really good in it.

We watched Garden State the other night. I fell asleep halfway through. It was boring, horrible, and I was really tired. I like Zach Braff in Scrubs, but he was thoroughly boring in this. Natalie Portman was just a freak.

We watched Hitch the night before Garden State (or maybe the night before the night before) and that was really funny! There’s this scene in a drug store where they’re looking for Benadryl … HILARIOUS!!! We had to stop the DVD because we were laughing so hard. I like Will Smith.


03/27/07 Another class March 27, 2007

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I started US History through 1865 today. I like history up to the Civil War. I am bummed that I will have to write a paper and a PowerPoint presentation (with my learning team) on the Civil War. I also don’t like the book The Red Badge of Courage. It’s about the Civil War. There’s a theme here.

I am becoming neurotic about this heat/cooling installation. I found out that we can buy the equipment directly from the distributor and save about 18%. That’s a lot of money! But we’ll have to get the equipment from the distributor home. This could be problematic. The heat pump will go outside on the east side of the house and the air handler (the thing that will push the air through the house) will go in the attic above the garage. Then they can run the duct work in the attic and under the house. It will be awesome!

I made dinner tonight. Damn! I should have taken a picture of it. It was pretty good. Stir fry with noodles from Costco. I love those noodles! I used asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms (fresh crimini and canned straw), snow peas, zucchini, canned baby corn, and bamboo shoots. Oh, and some beef. I put garlic powder, ginger powder, cornstarch, mirin, soy sauce, and water on the meat to marinate it. I drained the meat, cooked it, then put it aside. I put some chopped garlic and shallots in the wok, then cooked all of the veggies. I put the meat back in, put the noodles on top (sort of pulled apart), added some white wine and steamed it for about 5 minutes. This helped the noodles pull apart. I took the marinade, added more cornstarch and water, then added it to the wok. A few minutes later it was done. Even though Christopher had had dinner at day care, he still at some baby corn (he LOVES baby corn), broccoli, zucchini, and noodles. He drew for a little while then it was bed time.


03/25/07 What are these? March 25, 2007

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These flowers just came up in our backyard. They’re cute but I have no idea what they are.

Friday at 5pm our old house closed escrow and it is no longer ours! Hooray! We had the ‘measure up’ guy out to the new house to uh … measure up the house for the calculation as to how much heat and air it will need. Based on those calculations we will know what size (BTUs) heat pump to buy. We are also going to get an electronic air cleaner with the system. It is supposed to take all of the junk out of the air, which will be nice for everyone’s allergies. Then it’s just a matter of scheduling it and paying for it.

So in the last week we moved the remaining junk from the garage into storage. We’re moving the stuff from the little storage across town into this closer storage unit as well. The goal is to go through the old crap and get rid of what is crap and keep what isn’t. We also need to build some nice shelving in the master bedroom. Then we can unpack the books and free up some more space. Finally after that we can organize the office properly, maybe even adding some shelving. But that is the long term plan. We’re just happy to be out of the old house.

I did the final exam for the Survey of Western Art class, so all I’m waiting for is my grade. I don’t expect anything better than a C, but I don’t really care. UofPhx only transfers the credits, not the grade. I start a PowerPoint class on the 2nd on-line at LCC. I finish up my Humanities class tomorrow and start a US History class on Tuesday. I think I only have one more class after that, but I can’t remember.

Thomas & I actually got to have a short evening out on Thursday. We’d had the boys on Wednesday night rather than Thursday. So on Thursday we finished up cleaning out the final remnants of the old garage. We had mom come over to ‘babysit’. Christopher was asleep, we just needed someone in the house incase he woke up or there was an emergency. We told her we were going to take advantage of the fact that she was enjoying her tv program and go out to dinner. It was nice


03/17/07 Happy St. Patrick’s Day! March 17, 2007

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I’ll bet you thought you’d see a four leaf clover. Well I don’t have one, but I did have a daffodil. It’s bulb season here in the pacific northwest and we’ve got loads of them blooming and trying to grow. You should never dig up the yard in your new house until you know what’s planted there. We have a zillion bulbs coming up everywhere. We even have some perennials coming up (or are they annuals?) in various places. The whole town is turning pink and white with all of the blooming trees. There is a cool one down the street that I want to get a picture of. I love spring!

Thomas & Micah are off on a Boy Scout hike today. It is good, Thomas needs to get that out of his system. Then we have to move all of the stuff out of our old garage. As far as I know escrow is slated to close on Friday. Keep your fingers crossed, say a little prayer, or light a candle. We just need it to be over!

We are planning on having heat and air put in the new house. It’s not cool having your house heated by only the gas fireplace in the living room. The house has ceiling heat, but that doesn’t do much. What moron decided to heat rooms from the ceiling?

At 10am I have to put the corned beef in the crockpot and get it cooking. Yummy, I just love corned beef, cabbage, and boiled potatoes!


03/12/07B New pictures up on pbase March 12, 2007

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Click here to go see them …


03/12/07 It’s raining again … so what else is new?

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Yesterday was just a tease! It hit 73 degrees for only one measly day. Today it’s in the 50’s and it’s raining. Poo …

I have found that I am so involved reading other people’s blogs during lunch that I forget that I have one. There may be anonymous people out there who are phenomenally disappointed that I haven’t written a blog post in almost a week. Ok, probably not … but maybe …

Our old house is still in escrow. But the buyers expect us to fix every little thing that was mentioned on the inspection reports. We’re doing the big things, like dealing with dry rot under the house and replacing roof vents. Thankfully the home warranty company fixed a lot of the little issues. Anything else is too damn bad. With luck, everything is done on the 23rd and we’ll go back to owning one home.

My Survey of Western Art teacher ended up extending the time for us to take the mid-term so I did get that turned in. I think I got a C. This week it’s the final exam. Hooray! I got registered for the PowerPoint class. I don’t expect it to be easy, but I am hoping it’ll be less stress than the Art class. I am 3/5ths through the first Humanities class. Fortunately it’s a fairly stress-less class.

Thomas & I still have not fully recovered from being sick. I don’t think Christopher has either, even though he’s done with his course of antibiotics. I am debating on whether to take him back to the doctor. If I had an ear looky-in-thingy I would just have Thomas look in his ear to see if it is better. But you can’t buy an ear looky-in-thingy, they want you to go to the doctor.

Thomas’ sister, Paula, had surgery this morning to repair a herniated something … bowel, intestine. Her surgery started 5 hours ago (9am) and should be done by now one would hope, but there is no word yet from Thomas’ mom. So anyone out there in the blog-o-sphere who is reading this please say a prayer (chant, think positively, light a candle, whatever your mojo) for Paula.

[a few minutes later] I just re-read the first few entries of my blog. I have been blogging for over a year. Holy cow, time does fly. I started this a few days before Christopher’s 6 month birthday. The poor kid never did get bumper pads. Not only did Thomas put up the light fixture, but he took it down 8 months later and put it up at our new house. I’m still sort of reeling that Christopher was 6 months old only a little over a year ago. It seems so long ago …


03/06/07 Well, it’s Tuesday … March 6, 2007

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… and that’s about the only remarkable thing about today. I also have a cold, but that ranks pretty low on the remarkable scale.

I am now in week 3 of my Humanites class and a final exam away from finishing my Survey of Western Art class. I am hoping to register for a PowerPoint class from LCC tomorrow. That plus the three additional classes from UofPhx and I’m done. Keep your fingers crossed!

We are having unseasonably fantastic-orama weather here for this time of year. It’s been in the low 60’s for 4 days now. Probably it’s because Thomas has been sick and Mother Nature wants to piss him off. Regardless, I am enjoying the sun.

Work, work, work. They expect me to work more than 40 hours per week. Are they f**king nuts? I spent over 4 hours on Sunday and 2 hours last night doing homework. When do they expect me to squeeze in work? Maybe after I graduate …

We are having visitors in April. April must be the month of other people visiting. My sister is coming up for a few days and we’re going to have a Sister’s Day in Portland. My sister-in-law is bringing up her kids (1 biological and 2 foster) for their spring break. Hopefully that visit will coincide with the other newphew’s visit. They’re all staying at Grandma’s house … and won’t that be a lovely bit of chaos.

I am behind in most of my TV shows. I haven’t seen any good movies lately. I think I had to read the Sunday paper on-line. I need a nap …