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03/06/07 Well, it’s Tuesday … March 6, 2007

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… and that’s about the only remarkable thing about today. I also have a cold, but that ranks pretty low on the remarkable scale.

I am now in week 3 of my Humanites class and a final exam away from finishing my Survey of Western Art class. I am hoping to register for a PowerPoint class from LCC tomorrow. That plus the three additional classes from UofPhx and I’m done. Keep your fingers crossed!

We are having unseasonably fantastic-orama weather here for this time of year. It’s been in the low 60’s for 4 days now. Probably it’s because Thomas has been sick and Mother Nature wants to piss him off. Regardless, I am enjoying the sun.

Work, work, work. They expect me to work more than 40 hours per week. Are they f**king nuts? I spent over 4 hours on Sunday and 2 hours last night doing homework. When do they expect me to squeeze in work? Maybe after I graduate …

We are having visitors in April. April must be the month of other people visiting. My sister is coming up for a few days and we’re going to have a Sister’s Day in Portland. My sister-in-law is bringing up her kids (1 biological and 2 foster) for their spring break. Hopefully that visit will coincide with the other newphew’s visit. They’re all staying at Grandma’s house … and won’t that be a lovely bit of chaos.

I am behind in most of my TV shows. I haven’t seen any good movies lately. I think I had to read the Sunday paper on-line. I need a nap …


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    He just gets cuter and cuter!

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