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03/25/07 What are these? March 25, 2007

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These flowers just came up in our backyard. They’re cute but I have no idea what they are.

Friday at 5pm our old house closed escrow and it is no longer ours! Hooray! We had the ‘measure up’ guy out to the new house to uh … measure up the house for the calculation as to how much heat and air it will need. Based on those calculations we will know what size (BTUs) heat pump to buy. We are also going to get an electronic air cleaner with the system. It is supposed to take all of the junk out of the air, which will be nice for everyone’s allergies. Then it’s just a matter of scheduling it and paying for it.

So in the last week we moved the remaining junk from the garage into storage. We’re moving the stuff from the little storage across town into this closer storage unit as well. The goal is to go through the old crap and get rid of what is crap and keep what isn’t. We also need to build some nice shelving in the master bedroom. Then we can unpack the books and free up some more space. Finally after that we can organize the office properly, maybe even adding some shelving. But that is the long term plan. We’re just happy to be out of the old house.

I did the final exam for the Survey of Western Art class, so all I’m waiting for is my grade. I don’t expect anything better than a C, but I don’t really care. UofPhx only transfers the credits, not the grade. I start a PowerPoint class on the 2nd on-line at LCC. I finish up my Humanities class tomorrow and start a US History class on Tuesday. I think I only have one more class after that, but I can’t remember.

Thomas & I actually got to have a short evening out on Thursday. We’d had the boys on Wednesday night rather than Thursday. So on Thursday we finished up cleaning out the final remnants of the old garage. We had mom come over to ‘babysit’. Christopher was asleep, we just needed someone in the house incase he woke up or there was an emergency. We told her we were going to take advantage of the fact that she was enjoying her tv program and go out to dinner. It was nice