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03/27/07 Another class March 27, 2007

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I started US History through 1865 today. I like history up to the Civil War. I am bummed that I will have to write a paper and a PowerPoint presentation (with my learning team) on the Civil War. I also don’t like the book The Red Badge of Courage. It’s about the Civil War. There’s a theme here.

I am becoming neurotic about this heat/cooling installation. I found out that we can buy the equipment directly from the distributor and save about 18%. That’s a lot of money! But we’ll have to get the equipment from the distributor home. This could be problematic. The heat pump will go outside on the east side of the house and the air handler (the thing that will push the air through the house) will go in the attic above the garage. Then they can run the duct work in the attic and under the house. It will be awesome!

I made dinner tonight. Damn! I should have taken a picture of it. It was pretty good. Stir fry with noodles from Costco. I love those noodles! I used asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms (fresh crimini and canned straw), snow peas, zucchini, canned baby corn, and bamboo shoots. Oh, and some beef. I put garlic powder, ginger powder, cornstarch, mirin, soy sauce, and water on the meat to marinate it. I drained the meat, cooked it, then put it aside. I put some chopped garlic and shallots in the wok, then cooked all of the veggies. I put the meat back in, put the noodles on top (sort of pulled apart), added some white wine and steamed it for about 5 minutes. This helped the noodles pull apart. I took the marinade, added more cornstarch and water, then added it to the wok. A few minutes later it was done. Even though Christopher had had dinner at day care, he still at some baby corn (he LOVES baby corn), broccoli, zucchini, and noodles. He drew for a little while then it was bed time.