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03/28/07 March 28, 2007

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Christopher loves to draw! He gets to use coloured pencils at daycare. I love that he has such a variety of interests; drawing, balls, hats, tools, walking, reading, and just playing with his stuff. I don’t want to pigeon hole him, I want to encourage everything so he feels like he can do everything. At times he can be this amazing little boy and at other times he can be this whiny, crying, screaming little turd. So when he’s being a turd I just try to remember the amazing things. It’s not always easy but he is awfully cute so that helps.

I think I have a cold, either that or really horrific allergies.

We saw this really good movie last week. I had to watch it for my Humanities class, that finished on Monday! We wrote a PowerPoint presentation on it. It is Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas. It’s based on a true story about a famous ballroom dancer, Pierre Dulaine. He starts teaching ballroom dancing to kids in NYC. I really enjoyed it. Antonio Banderas was really good in it.

We watched Garden State the other night. I fell asleep halfway through. It was boring, horrible, and I was really tired. I like Zach Braff in Scrubs, but he was thoroughly boring in this. Natalie Portman was just a freak.

We watched Hitch the night before Garden State (or maybe the night before the night before) and that was really funny! There’s this scene in a drug store where they’re looking for Benadryl … HILARIOUS!!! We had to stop the DVD because we were laughing so hard. I like Will Smith.


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  1. Julie Says:

    Hope you feel better Liz!

    I hope Christopher has a lot of interests – he’s not even 2. Pretty much everything should be new & interesting to him. I’m glad you are enjoying it; it goes by way too fast.

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