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04/15/07 If you haven’t filed yet … April 15, 2007

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… your taxes must be postmarked tomorrow. We (I) did our taxes, got our refunds, and spend our refunds, in February. I use Turbo Tax. I love Turbo Tax!

Christopher went to his second birthday party today. The daughter of a friend of mine turned two last week and they had her party at Bounce, which is a gymnastics place for kids. It’s got a long bouncy walky trampoline thing, bars, rings, big shapes, and a trampoline room with several trampolines. He had a great time just experiencing everything. He liked the trampoline room. He jumped with his daddy holding his hands.

And then there was the cupcakes. Oy! He took a bite of the edge of the cake then stuck his nose in the frosting. Naturally the frosting was his favourite part and I had to take over half of it away from him without him noticing. It was GHASTLY sweet! My stomach hurt for a while after all of that sugar! He didn’t seem to care. Then we had to go home so he could nap. He was one tired puppy!

We went to the park this afternoon. Christopher is never sure what to make of the park when we first get there. I think the whole thing overwhelms him. There is so much to take in and all of the equipment is so big compared to him.

There is this great new park on the north side of Skinner Butte and we had to go experience it for ourselves. Thomas and the two big boys rode their bikes there. Christopher and I drove. It’s about 10 minutes by car for us. They have sand, swings, water features, this huge climbing/slidy/other stuff thing, a fake western town and spongy walkways. It is totally cool. Christopher went down the big slide with Jonah and got really scared. He’s just not too sure about heights. He liked the little faux buildings. We played peek-a-boo with the windows. We stayed for about an hour. I think by then Christopher was getting a little overloaded.