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04/28/07 The Un-Fun Parts of Parenting … April 28, 2007

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Sometimes there are un-fun parts to parenting. And I’m not talking about changing poopy diapers (which is un-fun, but doesn’t come close to this). The un-fun part is knowing your little guy is sick and there’s nothing you can do about it. On Sunday night Christopher had a low-grade fever. We were watching some You-tube videos (he loves Fluff and Such) and he felt really warm and was really fussy. It was bed time so after I put his jammies on I took his temperature. It was 99.7. At 3:25am he woke up crying and his temp hadn’t gone down. We gave him Tylenol and he went back to sleep. We stayed home on Monday and went to the doctor. By this time he had little red bumps everywhere. The doctor thought it was probably strep so it was antibiotic time. Thomas stayed home with him on Tuesday and after naptime Christopher had some blistery bumps on his hands, feet, legs, and in his mouth. So off to the after-hours clinic (I just LOVE that, saves you expensive trips to the emergency room!) we went. The doctor said it wasn’t chicken pox or hand-foot-and-mouth disease. It wasn’t fifth disease either. It was just a ‘virus’ of some sort that we all probably have in us but we’re immune to. Basically there was nothing we could do. I stayed home onWednesday with him. It was a hard day because he didn’t want to eat or drink much because of the “owies” in his mouth. Thankfully the doctor recommended popsicles because Christopher LOVED them! I got him to eat most of a popsicle (the Dreyers all fruit kind). Thank goodness after naptime he was hungry and he had a good dinner! He went back to daycare on Thursday and has been getting better. He was having a hard time transitioning (from asleep to awake, vice versa, from play to eating) and couldn’t wear any shoes or socks. Today he seems even better. He woke up this morning and wasn’t crying. He even wanted me to put socks on him. The blistery bumps seem to be going away too. I was happy to just have to change a poopy diaper this morning …


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  1. Mary H Says:

    I’m glad that Christopher is better and things are getting back to normal. I’ve been there too!


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