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05/23/07 Contractor nightmares May 23, 2007

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I always used to read about people who had huge problems with contractors and sort of laugh inside. Mostly because I couldn’t afford to do anything that required a contractor and that it would never happen to me. IT IS FREAKIN’ HAPPENING TO ME!!! The worst part is that I work for the damn company!

We’re having our HVAC system installed this week (and part of next). It started with the guy who came out to talk to Thomas about where we want the registers and vents. He didn’t bring the drawing of the house he’d made. So we had to rely on him to remember it right until he got back to the office. Needless to say he got a couple of things wrong. With luck they got fixed today, but we’ll be painting a section of our bedroom ceiling when this is over.

Monday’s disaster was they lost Todd the cat (we found him yesterday.) I put Todd in Jonah’s bedroom because that is where the litter box resides. I also put his water and food bowls in the room. Jonah comes home from school, finds out that Todd is missing and calls me in a panic. I have to remain calm because I am the mom (well step mom but you get my point). I tell Jonah that we’ll find Todd but I am really thinking that the cat is gone forever. We search high and low for the cat. We’re all calling for him and we also walk up and down our street. No Todd. I even got up at 5:15am (I was already awake, I had to pee) to walk up and down our street again to see if I could find him. No luck.

Tuesday’s disaster was a gas leak. I come home, pull into the driveway, open the garage door, get out of my car, and am smacked with stinkiness. I see that they’ve run gas pipe out to the garage and the valve is off. I hope that by having the garage door open that it’ll dissipate. 40 minutes later it’s still stinky so I call for the service tech who is on call. By the time he arrives over 2 hours has passed since I got home and the smell is still strong. The tech goes under the house and finds the leak. Rather than him fixing it he suggests that we just turn the gas off to the house (we don’t need it for the evening) and let the install guys fix it today. While we’re waiting for the tech, we’re out in the backyard. Thomas & Christopher are in the swingy bench and Thomas hears Todd under the house. It took us about a half an hour (maybe more) to coax the poor kitty out from under the house. He’s none the worse for wear but he kept rather a low profile last night.

I am nervous to go home tonight. What catastrophe will I walk into?


2 Responses to “05/23/07 Contractor nightmares”

  1. Rhonda H Says:

    How is the HVAC coming? I hope the problems all got solved and that your house is comfy and cool now! At least will be when done… Glad Todd was ok too 🙂

  2. Liz Says:

    Well there were no surprises yesterday, thank goodness! The house is not comfy and cool yet. They won’t be done until Tuesday or Wednesday. Then the insulation people come on Thursday. I have to say though, they clean up very well each evening. They even vacuum!

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