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07/24/07 Yet another reason not to clean … July 24, 2007

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Hazard warning on home cleaners


07/20/07 Stats of a 2 year old July 20, 2007

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Weight – 31.3lbs

Height – 35.5 inches

Head – 19.75 inches

He’s tracking in the 75th percentile for height and weight and in the 90th percentile for head circumference!!! That’s my boy, the over achiever! I impressed the doctor with Christopher’s knowledge of numbers, shapes, and colours. She said he has great motor and verbal skills too. He cleaned up the toys he play with right before he had to go up on the exam table. That impressed her too. She laughed when I said he’d be reading the Economist by next year. I guess she thought I was joking!

I don’t think he understands what a birthday is, but he knows he gets lots of extra attention! I sang him Happy Birthday when I got him up. Then we called daddy so he could get rendition #2. And about a half an hour later grandma called for the third rendition.


07/19/07 His name is … July 19, 2007

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… Debin. Micah finally named the puppy. That took forever. But I suppose when you’re naming your first puppy you want a good name. He asked for everyone’s opinion, including a friend who lives in Tennessee.

Debin is doing very well. He sleeps in a crate in the family room at night and Thomas lets him out in the morning. He only goes in the pond when we’re not looking and doesn’t seem to annoy Ruffy too much. However she does object to being woken up at 5am. She’s an old lady and likes her beauty sleep! That young punk! He does like to chew on everything in sight, however. Jonah made the mistake of leaving the bus schedule booklet outside and it was shredded by morning. Christopher is still afraid of the puppy and won’t go outside if he knows Debin is out there.

Speaking of Christopher, he will be 2 tomorrow!!! Where did the time go??? In honour of his birthday he gets to go to the doctor and have shots. I am sure he will be thrilled … not! Maybe I will buy ice cream for him 🙂 I remember getting ice cream when I had a tetanus shot and it made all of the difference.


07/16/07 It takes a month July 16, 2007

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It takes a freakin’ month to get a diploma ordered. First they have to audit me then they have to order it then they have to mail it. Holy Cow! You’d think it could be a little more automated. So hopefully by the end of August I will have my diploma.


07/12/07 Wesley Crusher grows up into Wil Wheaton July 12, 2007

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and is rather articulate … Read this


07/10/07 I are a college graduate! July 10, 2007

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I finished, I finally finished! I posted my last assignment last night and now it is finally over!!! Now all I need to do is wait for grades to be posted (hopefully this weekend) and then apply for my diploma! The entire process has taken 25 years but this last push took almost 4 years and $35,000. Holy cow! Now I’ll have to pay that back. If anyone asks when I am going to get my Master’s I will brain them! 🙂


07/05/07 Keith Olbermann Rocks! July 5, 2007

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Go read this