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07/10/07 I are a college graduate! July 10, 2007

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I finished, I finally finished! I posted my last assignment last night and now it is finally over!!! Now all I need to do is wait for grades to be posted (hopefully this weekend) and then apply for my diploma! The entire process has taken 25 years but this last push took almost 4 years and $35,000. Holy cow! Now I’ll have to pay that back. If anyone asks when I am going to get my Master’s I will brain them! 🙂


5 Responses to “07/10/07 I are a college graduate!”

  1. ThomastheBrave Says:

    Congratulations Love. ((Hugs))

  2. Mary H Says:

    Yeah, Liz! You are inspiring!

  3. Rhonda H Says:

    Congratulations Liz!!! Whew and I thought taking 8 years for my BA was a long time LOLOL

  4. Julie Says:

    Congratulations Liz! In less than 5 years you have gotten married, moved to a new state, purchased two homes, had a baby & earned a degree. Wow!!

  5. Liz Says:

    Wow Julie, the way you put it totally exhausts me! LOL! Now I just need to order my diploma … off to do that … their server was down on Friday after grades were posted (I got an A in my US Constitution class!) so I couldn’t order it then. 😦

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