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10/22/07 The weekend and dinner out October 22, 2007

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No cooking for me on Friday! We went out to Jalisco’s for dinner then saw No Reservations at the Dollar Fifty Theatre … we’re going to have to rename that place because it’s now $2 for a movie! Yummy food and an entertaining movie, not too bad. I couldn’t tell you what we had for dinner on Saturday … because I can’t freakin’ remember! Last night we went to Wal-Mart and bought you-bake ribs, you-microwave mashed potatos, and you-steam broccoli with cheese sauce. HOWEVER, I did make an apple pie from scratch … well not the crust, just the filling. It was so yummy!

The damn dog is chewing our hot tub cover into bits of styrofoam. Does anyone know how to train a 6 month old black lab? He chews EVERYTHING! And we give him toys and other dog things to chew! The dog is supposed to be Micah’s but he doesn’t do much other than feed him and forget to put the poops at the back of the yard.


10/19/07-B Pictures updated October 19, 2007

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I updated our pbase site so click HERE and check out the pictures of the kids!


10/19/07 Meatloaf

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Yesterday was National Meatloaf Day, so in honour of that for dinner I made … meatloaf … duh! Yesterday was the third day in a row that I actually cooked dinner. I think that’s a record. I made pasta primavera with chicken (Does that disqualify it for being primavera if I add chicken?) yesterday. Tonight there will be no cooking on the part of the mother/wife. Christopher is having a sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa (so we can go to Relay University on Saturday) and I expect to be taken out to dinner (are you listening honey?). I expect adult converstion without worrying about spilled milk, binkies, or the kid trying to climb out of his booster seat. (Really, are you listening honey?) Only 8 hours until dinner …


10/18/07 Free Rice and your Vocabulary October 18, 2007

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What do free rice and vocabulary have in common? I have no idea, but started a website called where you can donate 10 grains of rice for every word you know the definition (it’s multiple choice). I just donated 500 grains of rice and my vocabulary level is 36.


10/17/07 Cooking October 17, 2007

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I cooked last night. I used two whole pots, two measuring cups, and even chopped up a shallot. Now that’s exotic! LOL! Nothing fancy, I just made risotto but it was damn good! I love risotto in fall and winter. There is something about smelling garlic, shallots and chicken stock in the kitchen that fits in this time of year.

I went looking on the internet for a picture of risotto and they all looked like someone barfed on a plate but this William Sonoma cookbook looks good … I may even add it to my wishlist.

Good lord, what will I make for dinner tonight. I think I used up my cooking mojo last night.


10/10/07 Season 4 starts in January October 10, 2007

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Watch a promo trailer …


10/08/07 Click for free mammograms October 8, 2007

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Well you can’t click that picture, but if you go here then you can. I click daily Remember, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. You, my loyal readers (all three of you), are over 40 so you should have at least had a baseline mammogram! And a couple of you should be having one every year … not to name names, but one of you is my sister No, I haven’t had one yet … I got pregnant instead! It’s on my list after I stop nursing … so the end of 2008?