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10/22/07 The weekend and dinner out October 22, 2007

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No cooking for me on Friday! We went out to Jalisco’s for dinner then saw No Reservations at the Dollar Fifty Theatre … we’re going to have to rename that place because it’s now $2 for a movie! Yummy food and an entertaining movie, not too bad. I couldn’t tell you what we had for dinner on Saturday … because I can’t freakin’ remember! Last night we went to Wal-Mart and bought you-bake ribs, you-microwave mashed potatos, and you-steam broccoli with cheese sauce. HOWEVER, I did make an apple pie from scratch … well not the crust, just the filling. It was so yummy!

The damn dog is chewing our hot tub cover into bits of styrofoam. Does anyone know how to train a 6 month old black lab? He chews EVERYTHING! And we give him toys and other dog things to chew! The dog is supposed to be Micah’s but he doesn’t do much other than feed him and forget to put the poops at the back of the yard.


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  1. Julie Says:

    Liz, I cannot stress how important I think it is for dogs and their owners to do obedience training together. Really the training is for the humans! If you want to have a good relationship with your dog you need to understand him and why he does the things he does. You need to learn strategies for stopping certain behaviors and for encouraging others. Do you have a Park & Rec dept.? That’s where we found puppy and agility classes for Kona. Sometimes stores like PetSmart offer them, though I don’t know how good they are. One time our “homework” was to look up our breed on the internet and learn what our dog was bred to do and what jobs the breed has been used for in history. For example, American Eskimos have been bred to be “watch dogs”. So, we need to understand that it’s a natural inclination for her to bark. She’s doing what her DNA tells her to do, she’s not trying to annoy us (even though it does). Wikipedia had a lot about labs – e.g. I see they don’t mature for at least 3 years and it does mention “indiscriminate eating”. They thrive on attentions – perhaps he chews because he is lonely or bored since I assume he is alone a lot during the day. It’s a boisterous breed – seriously, go to a class! Our trainier had some recommended reading: Culture Clash, Don’t Shoot the Dog, On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals, The Perfect Puppy. Good luck!

  2. Julie Says:

    P.S. Don’t be too hard on Micah – I have yet to hear of a kid who actually takes care of the dog/cat/etc. as much as they promised to!

  3. Liz Says:

    Yes obedience training … I have been saying that for weeks. The vet (or the vet tech) at the vet’s office at PetSmart said that the PetSmart training is pretty good. A co-worker told me that black labs do not “mellow” until they are 3. I don’t think we can afford that many hot tub covers! Debin isn’t totally alone … he has Ruffy LOL! She is 14 and isn’t really interested in hanging out with a young whippersnapper.

  4. Julie Says:

    Hmmmm, that sounds familiar! Kona is definitely having more fun with Zero than she had with Bodie (who was 13.5 when we got Kona)

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