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11/06/07 Seven items you didn’t know you could recycle November 6, 2007

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Well I knew about all of them except the athletic shoes. The whole article is at but I’ll give you the 7 things here:

1. Athletic shoes

2. “Techno-trash”

3. Computers

4. Mattresses

5. Handheld devices

6. Dry cleaning hangers and plastic

7. Soiled glass and plastic

In Eugene we have a place called Next Step Recycling that will take the “techno-trash”, computers, handheld devices, styrofoam, and a bunch of other stuff. They’ll refurbish a lot of the electronics if they can or they’ll strip them to their component parts and recycle as much of the stuff as they can. It’s an amazing organization. They have donated a lot of computers to low-income people, schools, and kids in other countries. They are really trying to shrink the technical divide between the “have’s” and “have-not’s”.

I’ve been hearing commercials on KFOG on-line about a company in the Bay Area called Simms (sp?) Recycling and they’ll take a lot of the same stuff. They have several locations too. That’s nice. Edited: It’s Sims and they have locations all over the Bay Area and in the Sacto area too.


2 Responses to “11/06/07 Seven items you didn’t know you could recycle”

  1. Mary H Says:

    I’ve been sending stuff to Next Step for a long time, back when they only did Macs. Their new catch phrase is great: We recycle anything with a plug. They also take battery operated stuff. It’s also a great place to find power adapters, those bricks or “wall warts” that seem to get lost. Much better than buying one at Radio Shack.

    My son David is doing part of his work-study at Next Step. They have been having lots of fun disassembling things. He especially likes taking apart servers.

    The only place I recycle techno goods is through Eugene Free Cycle or Pay it Forward. In August, I gave away 3 ancient handhelds to some in the Pleasant Hill School District. They are using them to hold maps for geocaching.

  2. Liz Says:

    Thomas & I went to a fundraising lunch for Next Step and they said they did things with Churchill kids (I think there was a table of CHS kids). I figured David was probably involved. We give anything that plugs in or has a battery to Next Step. One of Thomas’ friends is on their board (or something like that).

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